Surgery October 11, at MGH

Hey all, hope everyone is okay, I am a wreck. Surgery w/Ogilvy on Tuesday, Oct. 11 at MGH.

Coiling, he doesn't think a stent. I am completely terrified. I went to the BAF seminar, and the people I met were wonderful, wonderful, but I can't kick this depression, I think b/c, I am terrified, of bad, stroke, dying, not working, whatever, I just know, I am sooooo nervous, anxious and spend way too much time alone.


Dr. Ogilvy clipped my aneurysm 3 years ago. He is the best doctor and a fabulous human being to boot. I live just outside of Boston and would be happy to talk to you if you want. Just send me a message.

Hi Tom

I was diagnosed in August at MEEI, then over to MGH, to see Ogilvy, he is doing a Coiling, I am a mess.

Could we talk by phone?

My number at home is 781-■■■■■■■■


Sure give me 1/2 an hour or so.

Hi Tom

I am going to take a nap for about an hour, so can you call me later, I will be home, I f I don't hear phone, PLEASE leave msg




I am so sorry to hear your alone too much. I am not working anymore due to a bad back injury. I understand your fears, I have and still do have the same fears. I would love to tak with you, if you would like. If you want to, just except my friend request and send me your number, or I will send you ine if you feel safer that way. I am available to talk day or night.

Cynthia, you are blessed to have Dr. Ogilvy from all I have heard, around and around.

Prayers for your results.



You have my prayers sweetie...Cyber~thoughts and prayers coming your way...Colleen

Cynthia We have the same MD and my aneurysms are also in the ICA rt Also have dogs and also scared of surgery! When the time comes I will feel similar I am sure… the doctor you have chosen has an amazing record and skill from everything i have researched you are in the best of hands…that being said of course these are hard days preparing, and my heart goes out to you I often imagine that when the time comes how challenging the waiting might be. If you can get outside today walk the beach or anything that you can do to give yourself a break. Did they give you anything for presurgery anxiety? That would help maybe… anyway I will send good strong thought s ! What time is your coiling? Best Kelly

hi cynthia,

i had a coiling done in oct09...unfortunately my 5mm anny ruptured but i am doing great n back to 100%..its only normal to be jittery about this surgery...but please dont think its the end of the can persevere n just be sure to take it slow n easy when recovering...i found rushing the process could cause setbacks...listen to your body n rest every chance you may not be the way your lifestyle is but there will ge new things to welcome in order to make n keep yourself well...i know you can make this happen n i encourage some anti-anxiety meds, maybe some homeopathic treatments, so your not so wired up n fixated on a procedure thats going tobe just fine...if u feel like taljing i can msg u my number to talk more in depth about the recovery time..which is all individual...i would love to talk w/you....prayers n love coming ur way..God bless

Hey Kelly

I am going over my sons to watch the Pats game. YOU have Ogilvy too?

I am just coming to terms w/this whole thing, since August 4, I think, that was the day. NOW a coiling, and it seems as tho everyone experiences different, recovery times, etc. I just do NOT absolutely want to go, and I know everyone raves about Ogilvy and his NP, they are wonderful, sooo wonderful, but i am terrified.

Did you have surgery?

Oh, Cynthia, I am right there with you. Mine is the 24th, but I need a stent to hold the coils. I was terrified when he said I probably needed a craniotomy, but felt better when he said it was too dangerous after the angio. Until I heard that I would have to be on blood thinners and monitored for the rest of my life!!

Nonetheless, I am busy doing yardwork, taking care of the house, about to do spring cleaning, etc, etc. to keep busy (plus I need to do these things, anyway). I have started taking a low dose of anti-anxiety, which has helped tremendously. The one thing I know from this forum, you probably have the best surgeon out there (I am jealous!!).

Great looking dog - I have two and just adopted my foster cats - first time I have ever had a cat - although I have been fostering kitties for the past 5 years for an animal shelter (I have probably fostered well over 100 kitties).

I wish I could give you great advise, but I am in the same boat - only I am feeling better that mine is not ruptured and know that I will be okay. Please let us know how you are afterward - good wishes and prayers to your speedy recovery.


Prayers and best of wishes coming your way. You are not alone.....Positive can do it.

You will do great....we are survivors....

I’ll be praying for you on the 11th.

Enjoy the beautiful day, get outside and get some sunshine. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

I am getting ready to show up at MGH at 6 AM......Packing, talked to Tom from here, yesterday, which was sooo incredible, thank you Tom!

Thanks all for the prayers, whew, still a wreck.


Best wishes to you! Think of how HAPPY you will be when you wake up from the procedure - it’s a scary day at the beginning, but a great day by the end.

Hi Cynthia! I have been thinking of you. Dr Ogilvy did my crainiotomy to remove an AVM in July 2007. I too think he is great! I saw your phone number from where you left it for Tom (everyone can see it) and thought about calling, but I did not want to weird you out (what a crazy world we live in). I will watch this and if you want to chat, let me know. Cynthia, most of all, I wish you peace. We can overcome anything if we can be at peace with it.

sending prayers your way......positive thinking.....