Head being numb

Hi all,

I hope everyone is doing well. I am getting stronger each day. I just have a quick question. I was wondering how long did it take to get feeling back in your head after surgery. The numbness is quite irritating some days. Not to complain though, very grateful to be alive. Thanks

I have been wondering how you are doing?? I am sue the numbness will go away at some point…what did the dr say?? How are you doing otherwise??? I went for all my pre-op testing today and trying to get things in order…I am very scared and the closer it gets the worse I am!!! I already feel horrible from the stress I can’t imagine how I will feel after the surgery!! Please let me know how you are doing !

yeah it is a little creepy. It has only been 3 and a half weeks. I will not blow dry my hair and I brush very gently after showering. I have been feeling like an ugly duckling lately. Haven't wore any make up. It hurt my face to touch, Because when I had the csf leak they went up through the nose to repair it. My hair is uneven too from when they shaved the hairline so that makes me feel yuck! I know in time. I will feel better. I do each day. Just feeling yuck today and want to pretty up, but I know it is too soon. Thanks for telling me about your head. You really explained it well.

Hi Jenn, I am doing pretty good. Like I said in the post above just feeling like an ugly duckling. Have not had one headache though. I guess I will take looking not so hot to having an annie. Where have you decided to do your surgery? I havent been on alot cause I have been really resting and sleeping alot. I did make it to The grocery store today and did real well. I wish you the best of luck you will do good.

Hi Meleah,

It's good new to hear that your doing good. You need to remind me again what day your surgery was. If your 3½ weeks post then we are about the same. My hair is growing back already and I am the same as you. Feeling like an ugly duckling. I try to make light of it and tell everyone that I meet that I really am cute but just not right now...lol...I am not sleeping alot but I am resting often. I have put up all my Holiday decorations all by myself which took me a few days to do. I wake up in the morning and I tend to say awake untill about 10 at night. I have made a few trips to the grocery store or the bank but at this point I am still not allowed to drive. Are you driving?

Your news is GREAT!


I’m a guy so it was easy. I went the day before surgery and got buzzed. I said “No shorter.” a couple of times and finally said “Dude I’m having brain surgery tomorrow. It can’t be too short.” when I saw the surgeon before surgery he said “Hey you saved me the trouble of shaving your head.” I’m sure your husband and kids think you look beautiful.

hi there,

Totally understand how you feel. I am exactly 6 months from surgery and my hair is still short but grown out a lot and totally covers the scar...and I had my whole left side shaved. The numbness does ware off and you will get used to touching it when you dry your hair.............I remember the days of feeling like the ugly duckling but before you know it, you will be back to your old self and this will all just be a memory

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I'm not a guy and I too got it buzzed..My doctor said pretty much the same as your's the day before surgery..LOL


I had my clipping 6 weeks ago and also have numbness, it is irritating. I hope we start having feeling again. Of course like you said I'm also so grateful to be alive.

I should have asked him to knock a few bucks off for the prebuzzes head!

They shaved my whole head, some doctors do an some don't, but my head is freezing in the cold weather. Carol

It has been 6 month since I had surgery and I still have numbness in one area on my head. I always describe it as feeling like there is a piece of cardboard between the outermost layer of my scalp and my head. My last appointment in September the Doc said it could take up to a year for the feeling to come back completely. I can say it does not bother me NEAR as much as it used to. It still gets itchy here and there but not anything like it used to. As time goes on it will bother you less and less.