Surgery in 2 days

I’m having a craniotomy and aneurusm clipped in 3 days and I’m petrified. I really really need some success stories and support from those who have been through it. I’ve written elsewhere but had no replies which has me wondering whether I should even go ahead.

You can do this, Kat! I shared your discussion with the members, so you should be hearing from them soon. All the best to you!

I had the coil and stents put in almost 5yrs a go 2/5/2010

I can send prayers and healthy wishes your way! All the best to you for a fast and successful recovery.

Kat, Praying for wisdom and peace for you! Lori

I had a anurism coiled 5 yrs ago I will pray for you this is being done for your own good x

I too had an unrtuptured anurism coiled and stented in 2013 at Mass. General. Feel great.... no problems at all!!

Hi, I had a ruptured aneurysm clipped July 2013 and went back to work in November 2013. I really researched my surgeon and found the best in NYC, one month after a previous surgeon operated on me and failed to clip it right . If you have a good surgeon, you will be fine. It’s really not even very painful, which surprised me. Just get a lot of supportive relatives and/or friends to help you and be with you for a while after. Now I am back to being a wife, mom and working woman, even after two craniotomies. You will do great!


I hda major SAH / Rupture in September and was rushed to a larger hospital after spending the night at home sick in bed (after rupture) and going to the local hospital for a CT about 17 hrs after rupture. The coiling did not work as the location was difficult to reach so I waited another full day for the clipping surgery.

The aneurysm was small and mushroom shaped so difficult to clip. After 2 standard weeks in the ICU and some awesome support and nurses etc, I got out and am almost back to normal. Lost some hair from all the stree, scans and anesthesia on the back of my head but it will grow back.

I guess I am very lucky and given the 2 procedures and time that went by the only issue I have is some minor double vision that usually takes time to heal. Its minor surgery or glasses to fix my vision. I have my first follow up with surgeon on 2 weeks and a CT-A to scan that once more but am optimistic.

The team did confer with a couple other doctors on my families wishes after the first procedure did not work but in the end it all worked out!

You will be fine but recovery will be a bit slow so take it easy for a month or so.

Kat, I find that I don't find many success stories on the boards, I've gone here many times for support also. Just know there are success stories and that those folks don't always look for discussion boards because they don't have any questions or concerns. I am a success story and so will you be. Hang in there everything will be alright.

oh kat, my heart goes out to you. why you are doing it? you are looking at it-me!! I had a terrible sah 5 yrs ago you do not want that! you are on the right path hang in there, I will pray for strength and fortitude and a textbook operation, tc xoxo

Hi I had that surgery two years ago and I’m so glad I did…surgery went great.I was so scared too thinking I would be in a lot of pain or worse…but when I woke I was amazed how I felt! The incision was scary to look at but my dr hardly shaved any haid.just a thin line.I was back home in 4 days and back to work two month later…I’m not saying they aren’t any effects afterwards because there are…but I wouldn’t go back and not have it done…I’m so glad I did! I also have 3 more my surgeon is watching…and he may do surgery next summer if they show any sign of growing!! Good luck!!

I had my ruptured Annie clipped a little over 2 years ago. I’m doing better than they ever expected. Life is good. Best of luck! Thoughts and prayers your way too!

Kat, you must do this or you will live forever with the fear of something terrible happening later. I've been there and am still here! It's been 26 years since my craniotomy and clipping. I too was scared, but, it is worse for those who have to wait during your surgery. In my case, it was a shot in the butt and that's all I remembered till recovery. For the family, it was a long 8 plus hours of waiting. Mine was a rupture so I had no other alternative other then the surgery. At the time my wife Jeanne was 31. I was 33. Our two girls were 5 years and 4 months. I had to have this surgery and all that it took to continue after. You will be surprised at the strength and courage you didn't know you had, but it will appear. I promise you that. We may feel we're all alone, but, we and you are not. You will be fine.


I had a ruptured aneurysm coiled three years ago and have made an excellent recovery. My recovery was slow at first, but that was mainly due to the affects of the aneurysm rupturing than the surgery. Am now fully back to normal life.
Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery.

Hi Kat. Try not to be scared. I know that’s easier said than done. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and look forward to your post (post-surgery). Mine ruptured a year ago on Dec 16. And here I am, talking to you! Take care and trust in Him! Peace my friend.

September 30 was the three year anniversary of my catastrophic rupture. I had an emergency craniotomy and five angiograms since. When the surgeon did my initial surgery he said I had less than an hour to live. I was back to work as Academic Dean of a career college less than three months later. I understand your fear but keep your head up (so to say) and know that you will be in our thoughts and prayers. Better days lie ahead and we all look forward to sharing them with you.

My aneurysm was clipped 16 years ago. Can't believe that it was that long ago already. Everything went well. Mine was discovered during an MRI and I had to go to the Emergency of a local hospital. That was on a Friday afternoon and Saturday morning the surgery was done. It just took some time to recover. Was tired for quite a while. If you need to have it done, you don't have much of a choice, do you? You won't feel a thing because you'll be out. The best thing for me after surgery was that for one year I could eat what I wanted and didn't gain an ounce. Unfortunately I'm back to my normal self and have to watch what and how much I eat. I have never again had migraines that I had had continually for over a month before the surgery! Hang in there. I realize waiting is difficult, just take it a few hours at a time. My best wishes to you.

Kat, I'm sorry you haven't been getting too many replies. I am having trouble finding new posts after the format changed.

I was coiled/stented 3 years ago for a basilar tip annie, which was my only choice. My neurosurgeon said that clipping would leave me with brain damage. I oscillated between wanting a clipping and then wanting a coiling the more I learned about the two procedures. In the end, many of us only have the one option.

But yes, have the surgery. It is so worth it not to have a ticking time bomb in your head. I was one of the lucky ones - mine didn't rupture and you will be too. With a rupture, an estimated 40-50% of people live through it and out of these, around 30% have permanent disabilities.

Will you have some rough days afterward? Sure - I did. Headache was horrible, but got it under control in the hospital with Oxycodone and Fioricet. The Fioricet made the difference - the strongest narcotic by itself did not control them and for some reason my doctor was hesitant to give me Fioricet - said he didn't think it would work. Several people from BAF had recommended it and it worked great. Once the headache and pain was under control, things got a lot better. You will also be fatigued for awhile - just pace yourself afterward and if you need to sleep, sleep. I did a lot of that.

Do you have someone at home to help you the first few weeks? We all were really scared prior to the surgery, and I have never made a better decision. Come here and rant all you need to - that's what we are here for. The support I received here was wonderful. Anytime you have a question, don't hesitate to ask. Take really good care of yourself the next few days. If the weather there is nice, go walking. Take a day trip. You will get through this and you will be happy that you made this decision.

I'll be thinking of you in the next few days. Let us know how you are when you are well enough.

Take care, Sherri

Hi Kate ,

I understand your fear and reservation. I want to encourage you as a Survior …I am here to tell you that I survived two ruptured brain aneurysm in 2012. I encourage you to go with good positive thoughts. Know that I will be sending prayers and good thoughts your way!