I need help

Hello My name is maria, I have a step daughter that is in need of support groups… she is 17 and has had a rough life since her she calls accident…

This is a great online support site. The main brain aneurysm site has information on support groups that actually get together and meet. That web address is below.


everyone on here is very helpful n supportive…did ur daughter have a ruptured anny…are you able to give more info on her situation…i have a 16 yr old son and 21 yr old daughter…i will be more than happy to help n any way i can…will keep her n my prayers

yes she did… that i know of she had a stroke and the same time had the anny she was 12 when this happen. she as well had some difficilties with a divorce of her parents… the hard part is that she feels hopeless that her life is meaningless becuse of her condition… I am willing to make a differance an incedent happen that made me scared… but I am not going to give up.

Thank you Thomas this is encouraging for me.. I am the step mom and i want to make a differance and a new starting point in her life. thanks for the link

I dont know how to do it sorry… i accept if you can thanks

Maria...you are more than special in caring for a step-daughter w/potentially unusual issues... You display strength and commitment in your love for those involved...

There was/is a membr here who was/is apx 29 who had an aneurysm rupture when she was 12; there are a few other parents whose children have, or had, aneurysms...

Prayers for you all...

poor baby.;i was 41 when i went thru it so to be 12 and have it compounded by her parents splitting up is tragic…you seem to be a sweet stp mom which makes alot of difference…shes lucky to have a support system such as yourself…did ashley have any deficits from having the stroke…? tell her God spared her life for a reason…being this age,going thru this will pass and she has so much more waiting fir her n life…tell her to never give up…do yall live anywhere close to dallas? i would love to meet her n encourage her to keep going…love n hugs michelle n texas;)

I hope that you can find support for your stepdaughter here as a matter of fact I know you can..Hang in there with her and she will make it just fine..Support is soooo important...All my best to the both of you...Thoughts and prayers..