Successful Surgery Meditation

Hello all,

A friend of mine just turned me on to a CD called "Successful Surgery Meditation". The idea is to listen to it every night before you go to bed and then maybe even during surgery (if they let you). I listened to a sample of it and it sounded really great!! The idea is to create the most relaxing and positive thought process to get through the surgery with the most possible success. I just ordered mine, only $13.98. A good price in my mind. I have no affiliation with the company that created it, just wanted to pass along a potentially great thing for those of you who haven't yet gotten your surgery!! (Mine is March 26th) I will update with my personal thoughts after I listen to it tonight. Or, maybe some of you have already heard it and can vouch for it as well.

Here is the link:


Kelly Hauff

HI Kelly,

This is a great idea.

I sing so I found that singing favorite hymns/song before, during and after a procedure helps to calm me. Others may also find songs or Inspirational poetry helpful to relax.


Hi Kelly...This is such great information...Thank~you for sharing...!


Thanks for sharing this info; one of my local peers may have more surgery; will likely order one for her.


Sure, I hope others find it helpful too! So, I've listened to it two nights in a row now and it's been wonderful!! She first leads you into picturing very capable people (Surgeons and staff) surrounding you, etc., followed by a slue of wonderful affirmations. I have fallen asleep near the end twice now which is apparently okay b/c it still gets in your subconscious as you sleep. I woke up to beautiful, soothing music after the main part was over. I will continue listening to it until my surgery! There are a whole host of other meditation CD's available too, for almost any potentially stressful situation!