Still Waiting for my surgery!

Almost everyday I have terrible headache and it really spoiled my day. I want to have this surgery as soon as possible to fixed my aneurysm because I felt that this is one of the cause of my headache aside of my migraines. I really don't know weather I'm right or wrong but still I want to fixed my annie as soon as possible in order to bring back my normal life, since after knowing that I have this annie I'm not living in a normal life because every time I do household chores and getting tired I experienced terrible headache, back pain and dizziness. So as of now I'm still waiting for the call of my Doctor for my aneurysm surgery and hoping that after the surgery I will not be having this kind of headache anymore!

Hi Arnita
Still waiting… !!! Surely by now you have tried to call him, and if you have and he still is not responding, I believe it is time to find a new doctor, and if the symptoms are getting worse, the sooner the better.
Hope you get this sorted asap
Best wishes

Thanks Gaynor, really appreciate your suggestions and I will discuss this to my husband. thanks again for your quick response

and God bless!