Still a survivor!

My aneurysm was found in December of 2006 when I had a 5 cm brain abcess. A craniotomy was done and put on massive doses of antibiotics. In July of 2007 I had the aneurysm coiled. It was an 8.5 aneurysm in the basilar artery. I was in surgery for 5 hours. They could not fill it completely because it kept blocking one of the main arteries so I have a small leak. A stent was also placed because it was a wide neck. After the surgery I remember the intense pain behind my right eye which continued off and on until about a year ago. It suddenly stopped and now only have the pain occasionally. I have had many symptoms, balance, visual, thinking process, problem solving, scattered thoughts, depression and memory issues. A couple of years ago they found that my left vetebral artery was blocked 75 percent and think it was when I had the coiling done. I now have what is called a daughter aneurysm coming off the original aneurysm and is 2 x 2.5 mm. I'm not exactly sure what can be done if anything because of the almost closed vetebral artery. I had an angiogram last year and now have one set up for February 2012 to see if the daughter has gotten any larger. My doctors question going up the right vetebral artery because of it reacting like the left one and closing. They are also trying to keep my blood pressure under control. I am on a watch for the already weakened daughter aneurysm.

I have already received a couple comments and I appreciate your thoughtfulness and help. I am new to this site and will take some time to learn how to get around on it. Thanks again. Barb

hi barb,

i had my 5mm anny rupture in the basilar tip artery, which was coiled...following the coiling i had a angiogram in march 2010 where dr layton-intervention radiologist discovered what he referred to as a pooch(lol) coming from the bottom of the coiled measures 2mm x 3mm...we have been on a watch n see with my pooch..just had my annual mra a week ago n the little bugger is still hanging around, but no change to size...and dr says there is no blood reaching the seems to be a remnant left from the coiling...annual mras will be done to monitor...i leave it n Gods hands, i believe hes helped me to make it this far...hope this can help sweety...take care n God bless