I had an aneurysm clipped Dec 23 2013. I experienced double vision after the procedure. I have had several MRIs done due to excessive swelling as a result of an allergic reaction to the enhanced materials used during surgery. I was recently placed on a steroid regime again. The meds make me feel euphoric. I fell recently. My doctor told me to just relax and try not move around too much. I didn’t injury myself severely but have bumps and bruises. Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to counteract the euphoric/dizzy feeling? Ie, eating tips

Not sure...many of us deal and dealt with dizzy and balance issues after our must be very far as the euphoric sensation from your Doctor said "rest and heal"...also...the bruising comes from blood thinners and steroids...both big causers of are early in the healing journey ... it takes time and rest and being Good to YOU...Thoughts out to you ~ Colleen

watch what you do/eat/consume or are around with the steroids...steroids do interact tremendously incredible array of drugs, and some foods. Don't ever get an innoculation for anything while on steroids either (steroids open your system up to infection--sounds so counter-intuitive, doesn't it !?) perhaps anit-histimines would counter the dizzyness? or dramamine ? (make sure whatever you do, to check to see if its compatible with the steroids if you take anything over the counter)...

Peace, Janet

I’m not sure but I DO know steroids will produce energetic feelings of well-being. Just don’t stop them suddenly…make sure you are weaned off slowly! Totally unrelated illness several years ago had me on steroids (in my early 30s). I stopped the steroids early because of the weight gain and had horrible depression/ anxiety. Doc fussed at me…I didn’t know about the fact that you should be weaned.

Thank you all for the information. Mike appreciate your honesty. Janet I am fighting the weight gain and am being weaned off of the steroids slowly. I am depressed that I gained so much weight during my recovery. But I am thankful to be alive. This website has truly been a lifesaver for me. You guys are the best!!!