Stenting and coiling of 3-4 mm berry aneurysm

I have a quick question. My sister has been diagnosed with a unruptured 3-4 mm berry aneurysm. They are talking about stenting and coiling this. Has anyone had the stenting and coiling done and had to be recoiled due to the coils getting compressed after time? And if so how long in between coilings?

I had my unruptured annie clipped almost 2 yrs ago.

Thanks guys. Beth

I had a stent or pipeline done recently with coiling to a large fusiform annie in my basilar. Dr Nelson did mine. He and his team are awesome. I would contact them for a second opinion if you want his contact info let me know. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to stents or PED'S he is like a pioneer and has proctored many doctors all around the world.

Thanks and Good Luck,


Hi Beth...

I had coiling my 6 mos angio they told me coils were working and not compacting...I go ahead June, 2012 to have another angio and have them checked...I hope I will not have to go back ever and have more coils added...

I hope they work and that will be your last angio in June for a long time!!!!


Mike B

Ah Mike...Thanks a too (hoping that is the last angio for awhile) you, mine was coiled on my Basilar tip artery...and they are still watching another one...

did they stent or pipeline also?

I was coiled...pipeline wasn't even approved in US when my coiling done...which was Novemeber 2010...mine wasn't a wide neck .. so I stent wasn't needed...

Hi Beth,

Do you know the location of her annie? I just had coiling and stent put in on my unruptured basilar tip annie on October 24. I hope to never have to undergo it again, but who knows? I do know that my neuro said I would have to followed closely, mainly because of the location. I have another angio in February to check on it.

I'm glad your annie was taken care of before rupture and your sister too,


gotcha thanks for sharing!!

who did your pipeline and coiling? I had one in the same place the basilar. Mine was done in 12-29-2011 and doing well so far, Dr Kim Nelson was my doctor and was very pleased with the outcome have an angio follow up in late June.

Thanks, Mike B

Behind her left eye I think. Thank you for the quick responses.

Was yours in the tip? Dr. Clemons Schirmer of Baystate Medical in Springfield, MA was my neurosurgeon and I really like him (which is good because he said we will see a lot of each other in the future!). He has my follow up angio February 7 (less than 4 months), which seems shorter than most I have seen on this forum.

It's great that you are doing so well - I think I was still under the weather at that point. Any more headaches? I assume you are on aspirin and plavix - how long is your dr keeping you on Plavix? Mine is hoping I can discontinue after the angio.

Take care of yourself and get lots of rest,


Has she had any trouble with her eye? I think I hear more complaints on headaches from people who have annies in locations close to their eyes.

Let us know when it gets scheduled. Has your sister been on the forum?