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Stent question

September 2017 I had coiling due to SAH bleed in April of 2018 I had a stent put in now June 2019 I had a MRA of the stent and the doctor says that it is 50 percent narrowing and there is nothing else that he can do. I am very worried, the stent is in a main artery behind my left eye. Can’t they do another stent surgery? Will it close completely?

Wish I could give a answer.But just wanted you to know wish will get some.Maybe second opinion.It always good to get another new look at what happening to you.Will forsure say a prayer for you.


I hope someone who’s had a stent will add their experience. I’m with Teresa, get a second opinion


I am not a doctor and had coils and stent for a Basilar tip aneurysm in July 2013. I had a 3 month post surgical angio and it showed flattening. At the year post-op angio, the coils and stent did their job - the aneurysm was totally gone and the coils had flattened into the stent. It was interesting to see the “ghost” outline of where the aneurysm was, and that flat line at the bottom of the artery where the coils and stents rest.

All this to say time will tell - it might be good to have another test done at the year mark to see where it is then.


I have had similar its intimal hyperplasia most likely. I have 4 coiled and 2 stents 2 aneurysms on each side, one stent each side both are closing and not to scare you but it spread to 2 non stented segments on each side near the stents are closing as well. My right ica closed MCA 90% and 70. The left is 70, 90,70. Also developed moyamoya from the occulsions. I have been told I need bilateral cerebral bypass. I have decided not to right now. My brain has re routed itself but still at high risk for stroke and bleeds. I am doing agressive medical management with plavix, Lipitor and baby aspirin. It’s not easy. I understand your concerns. Take it day by day. Get a second opinion as well. Stanford offers a online medical review, they get all your records and images. It went smoothly and quick.

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I would get a second opinion asap from a major hospital near you even if you have to travel. I have heard of angioplasty (ballooning) being done as well as arterial bypasses in some cases. I am sure a lot will depend on what type of stent was used and the cause of the narrowing. Did he say why he couldn’t do anything more?


I have decided to get a second opinion and I have an appointment tomorrow July 16th at Vanderbilt I am hoping to get help with my stent closing


@Jenette3 - glad to hear you will be having this looked at. Keep us posted as to how this may have occured. If you don’t mind me asking, are you still on the aspirin/plavix regimen or how long were you on before doctor moving you off? I ask because my theory (I’m not a doctor) is that it may be that you have to be on blood thinners continually. Some people can be taken off the regimen and there is no stenosis where others will experience narrowing. Just a thought!

I will be having a Pipeline stent placement on Wednesday and will be sure to ask my neurosurgeon about the possibilities of narrowing of the stent and what may cause it. In the meantime, think good thoughts.

I feel like I got some great news today, The neurosurgeon at Vanderbilt looked at my reports and said he didn’t think it was as bad as 50% blocked, he explained how the blood flow is going slow on the left side of my brain, and it has narrowed and it may not ever get better, but good news is that it may not ever get worse. He thinks that I’m going to be ok. He says the first year of the surgery is where the narrowing comes in that the stent is healing and bonding into the artery and it does cause some narrowing but thinks that mine has completed. He was very thorough and showed me my angiograms and MRI. I had never seen them. He showed me where the coiling was and where the stent was and how it had narrowed. He was very comforting


That is fantastic news! Happy dance🤗