Staying Focused

I'm 6 months out after having 3 aneurysms clipped and I notice that my mental focus seems to be getting a little worse.

I have a real tuff time multitasking, sometimes I forget where I am headed, or what I came for when I get there.

Sometimes I find myself just starring at something.

The Anxiety sucks.

Is this still part of the healing? Shouldn't my focus be getting better?

Lack of drive, focus, lots of anxiety, tired all the time and mental instability, WOW.

It is tough just getting through each day, and I'm supposedly fixed???


I keep wondering the same thing. I am 10 months out and I still find myself starring or wondering around. I will be helping my husband in the kitchen with the cooking and I will head to the refrigerator to get something and next thing I know he will come get me out of the living room because I am wondering around not really knowing why.

Focusing and multitasking are almost impossible.

Drive ~ what's that? I would rather just sit and do nothing.

It take me forever to do anything. Things that used to take 1/2 hour to do take me 4 hours to do with my business so my husband filled out disability paper work. My cognitive skills just aren't there any longer, not like they used to be.

Sometimes it is hard to get out a sentence especially if it is a frustrating subject or something that confuses me. My husband is patient most of the time, but he gets frustrated with it sometimes, too.

I hope that it all gets better for both of us, but you aren't alone.

~ Carol

Hi Gibbs, I can really relate to how u feel, trying to do a few things at a time imposible Ill be thinking ihave to do that and ill start doing something ealse and I try to remember what i was meant to be doing and no chance its gone and it was so important, I might think of it a few days later maybe or even a few weeks later. As for motivation none very hard and friends do not understand think your being lazy. Mentally changed as well like to tell people how I feel dosent go down well and cannot even stand on ants i cry if i hurt something.

I hope ive helped try and use your brain by doing trainig games on the computer and ive started doing Meditation and seeing a Chinese Herbalist at least we are not alone and strange like i started to think i was.

This site is great helps so much. God Bless Shelley,

Hi Gibbs! yes this is a marathon-up to 2 yrs I heard on here from a friends surgeon. Its a learning process to adapt to these deficits and chnges---you are not completely fixed--the cause is fixed and now its time to work on the rest. My surgeon said 6-18 mnths!!!!!! that was 4 yrs ago - so I don't know what to think-- I guess is what it is? Keeping you in thoughts and prayers for great improvement- hang in there-stick with us, we will help you thru the stormy war! Get plenty of rest, hydrate and eat well this will also help us along. I take the all the b vitamins and c and d-3- they seem to help~~

Thanks Carol;

I try and keep busy doing something, I even spend time in front of the TV. Anything to keep my mind occupied so the anxiety and negative thoughts don't"t take over.

I am a believer in Our Lord Jesus Christ and I pray a lot.

And he is diffidently answering.

I'm alive, walking and talking. Tell he want's me elsewhere.



As I replied to Carol, I try to keep my mind occupied doing something, even a movie keeps my train of thought going. I keep rolling from to thing to another because I lose interest, I think. Ha.

The main thing for me is to keep negativity, and depressing thoughts from taking my mind over.

Once the anxiety sets in it is impossible to reel my brain back in with out the Meds. It is great to have them as a safety net.

Thanks for the Imput.

Prayers out to all.


I am almost 2 years post clipping and feel what you do. Not to be funny, but I cannot begin to tell you how many times when I am by myself watch TV for weather that I have to rewind the tv dvr back to the start of the weather report. I start to watch it and before I know it, 2 seconds in I am in another world only to realize I can't stay focused and missed it.

Healing esp with clipping seems to continue for a year or more...I think a lot of what you are feeling is similar to is important for the brain to heal...Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen