Cognitive Issues now?

Those of you that had aneurysmal clipping, are you or did you experience any type of cognitive issues? Be it right after your surgery or months/years after. If yes, can you share a little with me on how you handled it?

Yes. It's five years later and there are still residual effects.

yes, as a result of surgery, immediatly after or yes, a few months? 3 year? after surgery. Did it get worse or did it improve over time . Did you discuss this with your dr? Neuro dr? is that whom I should take my issues to? thank you for repsonding. I trully papreciate your voice.

Yes. I had a SAH in June 2012 with lots of healing to do now. I have used a cognitive therapist that does help but my memory and concentration levels are pretty low. One day at a time works best for me to handle things...

Talk about cognitive issues, my wife was fitted for new eye glasses on October 5th. As part of ongoing therapy, I try very dilligently to let her manage her affairs and set dates for when things need to be done. She told me she received a "curt" notice today from the Optician that she needs to come in and get her glasses. So yes, after 18 years she still has the same time/date management issues as back in 1994.

right after my surgery and still now now 3 yrs out.. well some physical therapy and the journey of meds.

I had memory problems about a month after my clipping. I am 11 months since surgery and find it difficult to concentrate at times. I make lists for things that i have to do. But then again there are too many things going on in my life right now that need my attention. I would say my issue is concentration.

I experienced a SAH with my ruptured aneurysm in April of this year. I have the concentration level of a hummingbird =). I am just so easily distracted. I seem to function better when things are coming at me one at a time. Not easy in today’s society. Previously, I was a master multi-tasker (or at least I called myself one). (:>

I had an unruptured coiled, but have cognitive problems. I'm now 11 months post procedure and though there as been considerable improvement with time I still have problems. I've seen a neuropsychologist as I was having trouble doing my job and have been found to have problems processing information into my memory plus multiple problems with attention, which affect my ability to concentrate on tasks. Also, I fatigue rapidly when doing tasks requiring close attention. I've learned a few tricks to help e.g keeping to do lists adn having losts of rests, but I'm definitely not right yet.


Cognitive issues are the most subtle problem I’ve had post craniotomy for ruptured aneurysm. Here’s some tips: plenty of rest, daily to do lists, reduce stress, and that lumosity brain exercises website. Work is tough, but I triple check things, especially when I’m getting tired. Knowledge is power, acknowledge the problem, and conquer it!

Mary, I had a triple clipping done in April. The most noticeable cognitive issue I have is with numbers. The problem is strange because I seem to have trouble knowing whether a number is higher or lower and transposing digits. I show up for meetings at the wrong time or go to the wrong conference room number. Everyone had fun with me at Thanksgiving dinner when I took out 10 plates, 7 forks and 9 knives - to set the table for eight people. I say I'm glad I don't work in finance because I would be out of a job.

I am post clipping from a rupture in June of this year. I have been back to work since September and have noticed that I have pretty bad short term memory problems. I also have trouble multitasking as well. My attention span is about as bad as my teenage son these days. I never had to keep a to-do-list but I do now everyday. It definitely helps. I have also noticed problems with numbers - I transpose numbers when I'm reading them or typing them or even dialing on a phone.

I want to try lumosity - I've heard it can help give your brain a workout.

I have also used Lumosity and find it helps "exercise" your memory. Very inexpensive to sign up.

my clipping was in january 2011, its been 2 years. Im getting worse. I have good days and bad days, but the bad days are starting to out number the good. I work with numbers, im a bookkeeper. the mistakes that i have mad thus far are fixable , but i have made mistakes (transposing numbers) have gone un detected until too late. I aso tire easy, if I focus real hard for lets say 2 to 4 hours, i am able to accomplish 1/4 of my job. but after that im done. i cant think, cant keep eyes open and get very agitated. i will see neuro dr next week. i was prescribed anti seizure med which i found difficult to take. yes, it made me feel better, but it totally bottoms me out in about 4-6 hours. i was driving home one evening and litterally wanted to pull over to the side of the road to take a nap. i prayed all the way home that day, and i havent taken that medicine since. i discussed my issues with my boss, telling her im not able to keep up with the pace. i explained that i can only focus on one task at a time, she insist on pushing me and i insist on taking care of myself. im at my wits end, i thought at first i might very well be suffering from simple/complex partial seizure, but now im not so sure. i think my problem is both anxiety and cognitive. i dont know what to do, i dont know where to begin and to add insult to injury.... i despise my neuro dr and he me. im so scared of losing my job even tho my boss has said she could nor would ever fire me. she will need someone to keep up with the work. i am 3 months behind in reports and other task that should be done daily and monthly. i try sleeping more, eating right, taking vitamins, ect... i still like to write poetry and do crossword puzzles. im able to write the poetry but i cant work on a crossword puzzle longer than 2 mins.

thank you everyone for your response and advice. again, i will talk to neuro dr next week. hopefully he's up for the challenge (me that is) and can perhaps direct me as to where i need to go next. I thought at first i was getting better, but not happening. been getting terrible headaches lately and i keep an upset stomach. nerves probably.

Hello Mary

Sounds like you are having a difficult time. My employer will not accept me at work doing anything other than work at full pace and full hours so, as I've failed a return to work twice, it looks like I am going to lose my job. Thankfully I am employed by a public service with a good pension scheme so I hope I will get an Ill Health Pension and still be able to have a reasonable lifestyle.

Are you seeing a neurosurgeon or a neurologist? I'd suggest a neurologist would be better at managing seizures, pain and cognitive function. If you've lost confidence in your Dr you could arrange/request a transfer of your care to someone else. Neurologists have different interests so you should make sure you have one who is an expert in seizure control. Seeing a neuropsychologist for tests of your cognitive function may help you and others understand your problems better and the neuropsych would make recommendations for working round your problems.

I had a feeling of disappointment when I thought I was going to get back to 'normal', but realized it may never happen. I suppose we have to get to the point where we accept where we are, are thankful for not being so much worse and are able to make the most of what we have. I'm not there yet!


i most definately will discuss seeing a neuropyschologist when i see neurologist this week. i dont know if he will be willing to advise me as to what to do next. i was seeing a pyschiatrist that wanted to put me on an anti-anxiety med? perhaps i should try that route? not sure. I was seriously thinking of looking for another job, but scared to death. i dont have benefits where i am currently employed but i have been there for 16 years, so i have job security even if i have to step down to a different position. the eeg testing showed no seizure activity, but neoro dr thinks i am experiencing simple partial/complex seizure activity. i tend to shut down or get unplugged twice a day most days. mid afternoon and early/mid evening 2pm and 9pm. i spend alot of time trying to remember things that are important to do, but can only focus on what i see in front of me. i write notes and dont know what they are for when i see them again. im so hoping neuro dr will advise me to see neoropych. i was thinking of taking seizure med (keppra) at half dose, i will not take it at half dose until i speak with neoro dr tho. i appreciate your response and will discuss all issues with dr, and if he cant get his high-butt off his weak shoulders i will start looking for a new neuro dr. i dont see neuro surgeon for 3 more years, but i still get one ct yearly or when ever i complain about my headaches. lots of strange things happening, with me, ringing ears, seeing lights, blurry vision, headaches, nausea, and the list goes on. i think im anxious and contributing to my issues if not in fact causing them. thanks again, im rambling now......

happy holidays

Hi Mary!

My last (3rd) surgery for clipping was just over a year ago. Yes, I have to make lists now and I am easily overwhelmed. I have trouble when I am presented with "too many things". The bright flourescent lights in the big box stores really bother me so I avoid going in unless I have to and keep it as short as possible. I tire easily too. I'm a smart person, have a degree in biology but my employer let me go after about four months of part time when I presented a list of accommodations (not hard) to help me stay on task. I'm sure you are a smart person too. It's hard for others to appreciate you might just need a different approach to things now. It doesn't mean you're not capable of doing stuff. I'm sorry if my story isn't very encouraging but my employer was not right to lay me off. They have to make reasonable accommodations and there has been a settlement for me because they didn't. Anyway.... my memory has improved but still has problems. I still have the problems I described but I think it is improving. I'm still learning how to deal with my "new normal".

I have, also, had cognitive issues. Mine started a few months before my aneurysm was incidentally found. I continue to have problems with short term memory as well as a loss for words or not remembering why I was saying what I was saying. Numbers are a big issue. I have made to do lists, but I have to remember that I have one for it to help me. Sometimes the end of the day comes and I realize that I never looked at the list. I hope to be able to look for a job in the next couple of months. I own my own business, but it is pretty much out of business at this point. I will have to give lumosity a try.