Ssi check

I got my disabilty check today!!! Almost $5,000. I was shocked, they didn't ever inform me if I got approved....what a surprise. I just saw the disabilty Doc two weeks ago!!!!!!!!

Happy over here............................ : )

That’s wonderful news!!! Just curious…how long did the whole process take & did you have a lawyer???

Good!!! I’m happy for you. That should take a load off of your mind. :slight_smile:

I filed in Oct......Not to bad..they didn't even send a letter first to tell if I was accepted or not, just a check. I was shocked!!!!!


That is GREAT!! :))

congrats,great way to start out this new year,

Delighted for you...absolutely delighted. Did SS give you the neuropsych testing and/or did your MD send the med data needed?

I got my approval/backpay in days after the neuro-psych testing, too, required by SS; it was wonderful. I was so impaired I did not know to apply for SS disability. Perhaps my delay in applying gave SS the initial thought about my comprehension abilities.

Somehow I wish a group of us could coordinate data on our results of SS application; the required testing, or records from md/facility. Denial for disability coverage for brain injury/damage, regardless of the cause, surprises me; and, then, an attorney may finally secure it. It would be great if the treating MD-neuro and neurologist would be sure some neuropsych testing was done before discharge and then full testing in the 4-5 months following discharge to reflect changes in recovery decline or advancement. That would help patients understand which therapies would/should be continued and any recommended changes in therapies. This should also help w/any corporate HR to work w/an employee to return to work; all HR disability programs available can vary. And, having anyone with disabilities, brain or body, can/may affect the employer.

My personal opinion, is that vision and auditory testing be done as well because they can be affected; and would be done before driving. State Vision Requirements is on this website:

It seems like it could be a grand request to the BAF staff to pursue this SS issue, particularly since SS denials add so much stress to recovery time/process; then BAF could put a brief outline of it on their website. I was surprised reading from so many of you of your denials. And, gosh, now, I will be embarassed if I learn it is already on the BAF site and I did not see or comprehend it...


If anyone has any SSI information that will assist others please place it in the Resource Group Info.- under Groups. Thanks!

Sage, how wonderful! I am sure that along with the happiness comes great relief. Keep on keepin' on!



Congratulations Sage … what a nice way to start the new year … that should help out I’m sure.

good for you sage glad to hear people getting helplinda

Sage- That is just wonderful news for you! I haven't been on this site since @ Christmas/NYrs. I skimmed the site last nite & saw your great post! Funny, yesterday morning I filed for SSDI, as pushed by my physician, her counselor & the practice's advocate/navigator. Advocate actually made the appt & went with me! Send prayers & luck my way! I was a ruptured 5mm B.A. July 12th. Best wishes from Cape Cod to you. Lived in Dallas briefly years ago. Loved Big D :)


you will get it........esp when the doc pushes for it, as mine did. I say a prayer for you, but you will get it, trust me...let me know....................



Thanks Sage for giving me hope on this! This means so much, as we all SOOOO understand :slight_smile: Best Wishes to you, Judi

Good Morning Sage. That is wonderful news. I am happy for you. Take care.

Yahoo. Party at Sage’s house. Good for you.