Absolutely Giddy!

Had my first annual Angiogram today. I have 3 coiled and 1 stent with coils and a very small “nubby”. I had the BEST NEWS EVER! Everything healed perfectly with no changes to anything, even the uncoiled one! Doc initially said I would have to have Angiogram’s every year for 5 years. After today, he said since everything is so perfectly healed, we are just scheduling MRA’s every year for awhile! I am so giddy! I would do cartwheels if it didn’t make me dizzy!


Good news...Have a Beautiful weekend Buffee...


Woooooop Wooooooop!

Fantastic News...Thanks for Sharing


congrats on the wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes Linda

That’s so AWESOME… :slight_smile:

That is such wonderful news!!!...Oh go ahead and do a cartwheel or two..LOL



Congratulations! I had my control last monday 24 months after coils and 18 months after the Ped stent and all was perfect, the doctor said.
Take care

Congradulations! When I read someone gets amazing news I am very happy for them. I just had a follow up angiogram this summer and I was given a clean bill of health, too. Man, I danced out of that doctor’s office! May you continue to dance, too!

Wooooooop wooooooooop!!!!!! on your perfect news also Gionvanni

Best Wishes



Wow! That is incredible news! So happy to hear your recovery has been this successful. Please let me know how you endured this year. I had liquid embolization (onyx hd 500) on june 29th. Recovery is up and down. Still many headaches and very low blood pressure. Next angio in December for 6 month check.

Have a blessed evening,


GREAT news!!! I’m a newbie and due for my first angiogram in January. So happy you got great news!!!

Buffee...so delighted for you...and, it represents excellent medical care as well as your own health. You have been blessed...

Hugs...and prayers for your continued excellence.