Sometimes we need to challenge ourselves to go Above & Beyond

Sharing some thoughts after seeing the moving "Wild" with Reese Witherspoon this weekend. For me, it was just so very Inspiring & Uplifting! One of my many take-a-ways from this movie was my own, personal version of an Emily Dickinson quote and here it is--> "If You Nerve to know your "New" self; You Must travel, Above & Beyond, Your Nerve to realize Your full potential"! On many days; I've had to fight really hard to "Smile thru the Tears" dealing with Life after a Hemorrhage from my AVM...and on some days I've felt like jumping off the cliff....BUT I Vow and am committed to go the distance to Discover, Embrace & LOVE my "New Normal" & allow for this terrifying health trial to change me from the Inside Outā£ My Hopes for everyone here is that You find a way to go the distance in dealing with these beasts!