Words to Live by & a Poem from me to You!

Here's just a little quote I've recited to myself since my AVM Wave 3 years ago & wanted to share this, as well as this Poem, I came across during my recovery with Hopes that it brings You Strength as you walk thru your healing journey! HUGS to ALL❣

"We must Bend with the Breeze & Float with the Tides while we Journey thru LIFE; riding one Wave at a time ツ!


Ride the Waves of life my friend
Some high, some fierce, some with no end
But you'll not be washed away by them
If you can ride the Waves of life my friend❣

Weights may try to pull you down
Emotions full of pain
But hold on to a board
And ride the Waves my friend❣

A board will keep you up above
The water deep and mean
And let you ride the Waves of life
Ride the Waves with ease❣

This board my friend is nothing new
You had it all along with you
But you have to know it's there before
You can use its strength to hold and more
The board my friend, is nothing new
It's just the Strength of the inner YOU❣

So ride the Waves of life my friend
Ride the waves with ease
Let the water splash your face
Like grass sprinkled with dew
For you can still keep the pace
IF you hold on to the Strength of the real you
And ride the Waves of life❣

Thanks, Michele, wise words indeed.

My 5 year anniversary is the 26th of this month.

Since I survived I treat it as another Birthday

I find great comfort in the Word of God!

God Bless you all!


Awesome advice, thanks for sharing this Dano :heart:

AMEN Dano & may God continue to Bless You Abundantly! I feel the same exact way -- I celebrate and Raise my Praise on my 2nd Birthday each year; 4 years coming up for me! I was knocking on heavens door on February 10th and God gently sent me back with a brand new agenda & I've learned to Enjoy and Love it :-)!

loved it Michele!! would make a great folk song! ty 4 sharing my friend~~~~

Michele, this is great! Reminded me of a persimmon tree that bent all the way until the tip touched the ground and did the same on the other side when the eye of Hurricane Hugo came through. Until then I thought it an inconvince to my life and the carpet.

Glad you enjoyed it Moltroub. And, Yes, like the Persimmon trees ... we are not to be defined by diseases or winds that threaten to knock us down; we must just keep our focus on mustering UP the strength from within and "keep on keeping on" :)!

Thank you for sharing this poem

are u the author Michele? if so may I share it?