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So thankful & happy!

2.5 yrs ago my annie was clipped. Today, I had a CT scan with dye & I wanted to share the good news! Everything looks "pristine", aneurysm gone! :) There is less than 1% chance the annie would come back being clipped, but I admit I was still anxious.

I get emotional when thinking of all that I went through. I am so grateful it was discovered, and I am here to share and encourage others. Hugs to all of you where ever you are at on your journey.

Hi Becky ! Awesome news !!

Becky...congratulations...I am so pleased for you...we so often hear "the annie is gone"

Hugs to you...for many, many, more wonderful years...


That is awesome news Becky. I pray that it continues to be that way year after year.
God bless you!

hi Becky! Pristine? I have not heard that term used but love it! thank you for the wonderful update! You are Blessed~~let the Blessings continue for you and yours!~

Congratulations Becky...~ Be sure to go out and do something for YOU this weekend...~ Wishing you a beautiful day ~ Colleen