So scared

Hello everyone.first time on here. Found out I have 2wide mis shaped anurisyms so the dr told me they are going to coil and stent them. I'm the worst worry wart ever.and I dont have a very high t ollerance to pain neither. After the operation do they give you pain meds? How long is the healing time for it? I also have short term memory problems anyone else experience that?

Hi Jeannie...I wish I could tell you if they give you pain meds...or not...good question for your Neurosurgeon...I got "feriocet" for NICU...they would give me pain meds, but I really can't take them without getting I am sure if you are in pain they will give them...but good to ask your Doctor...Short term memory problems usually occur with those that have rupture and/or bleeds on the brain...if you would have short term memory ... it should only be temporary...~ Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

That helps me alot I really appreciate it .thank you god bless