So, question of the day?

Staples in the head (my zipper), And the oh so lovely nerves that are growing back "pains" those little electric shocks.....

How have you all handled this stuff??


Princess Staple Head

Congratulations on your quick recovery. Are you sure you had clipping surgery? If so, maybe a lot more Doctors should be instructed on the procedure they used. I hope all goes well.

P.S. Keep a close eye on the electric shocks you feel. I don't see it as anything life threatening at all but as I understand it from a "headache professional", he would have preferred addressing pain issues early in the recovery.

Yeah, I was really lucky to have one of the best Docs, and the best hosp. all they do is brain stuff.. I would recomend anyone going there.. Swedish in Seattle... Dr Newell..

As far as the "pain" it's not really pain, its like little shocks.. LOL

Hi Princess warrior ( like the name!9

Swedish in Seattle? could you explain that for live in


It just takes time… its been 8 months since my surgery and it all feels so much better,my head is very lumpy in that area, I feel the screws I assume, but all and all it’s doing good. The funny thing is and not so funny, the hair in front of my incision came back kinky curly. Must have changed my hair folicles with the incision. Take it easy don’t bend to much, they told me your brain is very sensitive for about 3 months and bending is not good. Talk soon Carol.

Dearest Princess Staple Head,

Good to see you back so soon... hope I am so fortunate. 42 hours and counting...

Love and Hugs,

Queen Bundle 'O Nerves

Hi. I’m new to this site and your question caught my eye. I totally know what you are talking about! I’m 7 weeks out from clipping and the tingling - shocks- are so bizarre. I also have headaches off and on and crazy itching at the incision site. It itches but I can’t scratch it because it’s numb!! So nice to know someone knows how I feel!

That numbness is the weirdess feeling, when you want scratch your head... but it all gets better my clipping was 9 months ago, and everything feels pretty much normal. My scar in front of my ear still gets a little sore sometimes. Hope you continue to do well.


Check with your Dr first, but possibly something with benedryl or claritin might help with the itching. I would think this is the process of wound healing that is causing the itching. Good luck and keep us posted on the headaches.

I can’t say I had a lot of pain near the incision area. I had stitches not staples. As a matter of a fact if you click on my name, then click photos you can see my post surgery look. Not for the faint of heart. My current profile shows my shaved in suport of a friend undergoing chemo look. Showcases the scar wonderfully!

Keep an eye on those headaches and keep your doctor in the loop.

benadryl would help with the itching and the headaches may never go away. I’ll be 2 yrs post op in october :slight_smile:

well one day at a time one ailment at a time, lol.

Through prayer… and words of encouragement from those around me. This forum has also really helped me. Praying for you.

My zipper healed just like every one else’s. And now, 10 years later, I still feel a bit a numbness where the scar is. I’m used to it and it doesn’t bother me. I consider it the least of my problems associated with the aneurysm. Your poor noggin is going through some changes is all. It’s been through the ringer and needs time to heal. You’ll get there. Don’t let every pain or tingle scare you. I did and went to a neurologist because I had headaches after 6 months. She did a thorough exam, looked at my records, and told me that I needed a vacation. I didn’t argue. Went away for a long weekend with my husband and came home with no headaches! Be kind to yourself.

I know what you mean about the electric shock pains. Right after my surgery I had that pain OFTEN. I call it my octopus headache because it feels like on is sitting on top of my head and the tenticles are coming down the sides. Good news…I took medicine every day for about a month…maybe even longer. Now those headaches are minimal - 6 months later. Hang in there! It will get better.

Yeah, creepy/crawlies… LOL it’s not really a headache as much as it is little shocks… But they are very few and far between now… Just the crawling feeling, which I must say is so odd feeling…