how dose smoking effect aneurysmsa???

Hi Russell...Karen is so right...smoking causes one's Bp to go up...high Bp is a contributing factor of rupture...

Fondly, Colleen

Hi Russell,

I am a 40 year smoker and like an idiot I am still smoking after 2 aneurysms.All my health problems are related to smoking.Wed Aug 10th I am quiting my husband and I both.I know it will be hard but everyone on here are tough people or we would not be here!! So why don't you join me and maybe we can support each other on the ANNIES and SMOKING ha ha


I had a rupture on february 2009 , coiling and stenting.

I stopped drink, I do gym everyday, I'm not able to stop Smoking....

I tried last year by using Champix, I didn't smoke for 23 days, which is my record !!

I'm aware smoking should became a problem for annie, so let's cross the fingers.

take care .


I can’t quit either. Tried many times. My doc just said to cut down as much as I can and quit if I can. If I didn’t have so much stress from having aneurysm surgery it might be easier to quit.

my wife was told by the docs not to she keeps telling me that I spent on that time in the hospital not smoking that it shouldnt be in my system anymore. I smoked since I was 9 I;am 46 now if I smell one it comes back to me . all she thinks about is keeping me alive that should be enough she says. I smoke an electric cig but every once a while I want one