I have been told by my neurologists that ruptured aneurysms happen to smokers 95% of the time. I quit smoking over a year ago as I was not taking any chances. I had one aneurysm on the right sided behind my eye but I also have a unruptured aneurysm on my left side which is being monitored with yearly CT scans.

If have been trying to get my family to quit also, but they are NOT buying the doctor story. They assume that the doctor is just telling me this because he is a doctor and has to tell me this.

I am hoping that some of you will reply as to whether you were smokers or not. I will then have the proof ....that this does happen to mainly smokers as opposed to non-smokers.

Hoping you can help.


Yep, I was a smoker… And had NO other risk factors…

thank you....for the reply. I was exactly the same as you...smoking my only risk factor..

Hi Shirley was a smoker for 20 years...quit 9 years ago...found annies last year...definitely see a correlation...Doc's tell me if I ever start back smoking...I need not come back...

Smoked for 12 years, quit 16 years ago. I have 5mm found in 08.

Smoked up until my annies were found on May 25, 2011. Quit that day when doc told me, your next cigarette could be your last. Scared the crap outta me and haven’t smoked since!

I am a smoker (the closet variety - even some friends don't know I do) of 1/2 pack a day. Since I was told and researched about smoking vs aneurysm, I am convinced that it is one reason for mine, although I still believe that some of my past medical treatments could have also caused it.

Knowing all this, I still haven't quit!!! I keep telling myself I will in the next day or next week, etc. and know I need to buckle down and put them down. I guess my excuse is I am too nerve wracked right now - but that is also an excuse. Aaugh!!

I had zero risk factors - almost wish I had some so that I could feel like there was something I could do to improve my odds!

Thanks so much for your honesty…I am going to let my family read these replys…hopefully preventing ruptured aneurysms for them or anyone else.

I had my rupture on february, 2009, first coiled and one year later I got the Pipeline Embolization device, the PED.
i’m a smoker, and I’m not able to stop it; I also tried champix without success.
I had several problems with alchool , 10 years ago I stopped to’ drink with AA support.
Now my annie seems to be fully occluded ( i had my last RM control 1 month ago ) and I hope I quit smoking one day.
Take care, giovanni

Thanks for the reply. I know how hard it is to quit. I had an awful time....I guess it was more than a habit for me as I enjoyed it. But I have quit now...and still think about it. I get the urge to follow anyone on the street that is smoking just to inhale the second hand smoke....ha ah....

I just want to help my family with smokers hoping to they never have to suffer through my aneurysm world as it is now. I had one aneurysm on the right rupture August 2010 but have yet another one being monitored on the left side.

You too will quit when you are ready. You are strong ...having stopped the can do are a survivor...

best of wishes


Shirley. I was a smoker. Quit while in ICU after rupture while fighting for my life. Dr told my family smoking definately a big contributor.


I know how you feel. I almost didn't admit that I still smoked because I am ashamed that I have not quit. Thank you, Shirley for starting this thread. If I can't admit and tell the truth here, where can I?

Sherri one had ever told me before my rutpure that it was a cause of aneurysms or ruptured aneurysms....maybe it should be be added to the anti-smoking I know it seems everyone knows someone in their life time that has suffered an aneurysm or someone who died from one. I know my best friend passed from a ruptured aneurysm....she was only 45 years old, she was a smoker also.

Smoking causes blood vessels to become less pliable. Over time, less flexible vessels allow for weak spots and can bulge causing the aneruysm to grow.

I, too, had never heard this. I agree - it should be used in anti-smoking campaigns.

Never smoked at all, & had a ruptured annie. But my brother died from one & had a cousin who died from an annie.So it runs in the family.


Ah Sherri… its ok…at least you are thinking about quitting and maybe trying to quit…You have my thoughts sweetie…don’t be hard on You…Hugs Colleen

Again Sherri…I wrote you above…your honesty is to be admired…and like I said above … don’t be so hard on You…you can always cut your 1/2 a pack to one more 1/2, etc., Gothca in my thoughts…Hugs Colleen

started smoking in jr high…i was 13 yrs old …i had no side effects that led up to my rupture of my 5mm anny when i was 41 yrs old October 13th 2009…my dr said smoking was a definate contributor n if i didnt quit it would kill mebn the end,i havent smoked since then…i dont have the urge anymore, its like a miracle…God spared my life and i promised to make myself healthier…it was a life changing deal…:wink: …you can do it…there is proven studies that the annys are genetic…so if your family values their lives they too will quit…there is absolutely nothing positive thatcan come from smoking…especially in women the older we get our estrogen levels decline…mak7ng our blood vessels less pliable,weaker n more prone to breaks n burst…then you put smoking on top of that which narrows the passages each time we take a drag off that cigarrette…its russian rhoulette…because there is no warning…its just easier to eliminate all the contributors to increase your chance to a long…healthy life…YOU CAN DO IT! if i can quit after smoking for 25 yrs…i know u can…good luck n God bless…pray on it…it’ll happen sister