Slow Mentation

Having had various neuropsychological assessments consequent from my aneurysm ten years ago, and a traumatic brain injury (concussion) some years after that, the phrase “slow mentation” has come up more than once. Right now, that fits the bill & I find my thinking and comprehension a bit laboured at times. I medidtae and find that helps me get though the day, but my alert phase is only really until 11.00 a.m. each day. But I often wonder, I’m 58 and what 58 year old doesn’t have some kind of “slow mentation” (I guess, never having been 58 before!!) Anyone else experience this, and does it ever change?? If so, how did you deal with it?

If you have had a ruptured cerebral aneruysm it would make sense to have a slowness in response times. Keep in mind that your brain neurons were rearranged due to the damage of the rupture and so communication between neurons can become a convoluted pathway as the brain repairs itself. How long a process is anyone’s guess. My wife is 52 and her alertness drops off about mid afternoon and again mid evening.

Thanks for your response Ed. Mine was in the left anterior communicating artery- does that make it a "cerebral aneurysm"? Then again- when I plowed into a wall some years later I presume everything kind of got shunted forward, so there could be all sorts of consequences from that I guess- although I've always just thought that was just plain old concussion..

Thanks for sharing about your wife- I hope she gets OK. I do realise it's often just about impossible to pin these things down and at a certain point maybe nothing would be gained. The effects are what they are nevertheless.. Cheers. John


Yes it does, the LCOMA is the geographic location so to speak. It's also the same location as my wife's. I spoke to her about your condition and she described it as trying to find the right words and to make sure what she is thinking comes out the right way.