Sleep - lack

I cannot sleep thru the night. I am up around 2am everyday! I am so tired. Fall asleep pretty easily around 9:30, can't nap, Anybody else?

Hi Pat...

I wish I could help out...I am the opposite since my coiling over 1 year ago...I sleep like I never slept before...

However, if it helps you husband didn't have an aneurysm...and for the past 6 years he is the same as you...he goes to sleep around 10am ... falls asleep fast...wakes around 2am and is up the rest of the night...we have tried almost everything...and it comes down to one thing...when he wakes at 2am he starts thinking about things (work, finances, etc.,) and then he can't go back to sleep...I look forward to others replying to you and see what they suggest...

Cyber~thoughts your way...Colleen

I have to take ambien to sleep, the only way I can sleep all night. I was on it about 3 months before the annie was discovered and I think my sleep deprivation is from stress, so the ambien helps that too. I do get fatigued alot quicker than I used too.


Hi Pat,

Like you, I do wake up it seems every am, but my bewitching hour is 4 am! Uggghhhh. Like you too, I am also falling asleep between 9:30 and 10 pm. I can't nap tho because I get up at 6:30 am for work and get home between 5:30 and 6 pm.

However, weekends I sleep like it's my job! LOL Sometimes I am ready to nap within 2 hours of waking. I let my brain and body take the time it needs, as I'm just about 10 months post surgery and I totally give in to it.

I hope you can find some help for you with this problem.


Hi Pat, I am having the same problem, wake up around 03.00 most mornings and then starts the tossing and turning trying to go back to sleep mind seems to go into over drive at that time, last nite I took a "Nytol" herbal remedy in the hope it would keep me asleep (as I don't have a problem going to sleep) and I went from 10.30 till 06.00 this morning which was great, don't know if it was the pills or I was just exhausted but long may it continue, this was a great result for me, might be something to consider hope it helps xxxxxxxxx

I am very afraid of taking any meds or the like. Don't want to have to take a pill to sleep, plus of course the meds they put me on to control blood pressure, I am not quite 4 months post-op and yes I am stressed over not working, way way too many medical bills, the continued pain and fatigued.


I have been through so many slee[p issues; from lying in bed awake; to being up half the night...over the years of "recovery", it is realy worse; I have almost narcoleptic sleep patterns; a neurologist and another (cannot remember title) told me it is not narcolepsy; however, they did not explain, attempt to explain, what it is.

When my eyes "fatigue", sometimes I can lie down and close them, and be up and active in ten minutes; others, I sleep so hard for several hours, I do not hear the phone or doorbell. And, there is no time status for this; can be @ 11AM; 2PM< or 5PM ad any time in between. I have, nuemrous times, attempted to schedule nap time. My normal sleep time is 6-8 hours.

Prayers for your recovery,


I don't like taking meds either, but figure if I can take this herbal remedy for a few days to see if it resets my body clock it is worth a try, you could check with your doctor to see if it is okay to take these xx

I have an AVM and 2 clipped aneurysms. The more stressed I am, the less I sleep; the less I sleep, the more frequent & intense my migraines are.

My neurosurgeon sent me to a neurologist. She put me on 10mg/day of nortriptylene & told me to practice "good sleep hygiene." She said to turn off the computer & television an hour before bed time. She said I can read or listen to the radio during that time. It has REALLY helped!

Nortriptylene is an antidepressent that seems to help migaineurs.

hi. Has anyone experienced no sleep at all for a couple of days? Its very difficult to fall asleep. It almost seems like a job…a very heavy job to do. Almost like i’m repeating to myself ”go to sleep” . I don’t know . Its maddening. When I do fall asleep & if some noise occurs …I find it hard to fall asleep again. I went to see 2 different doctors… 1st one says ”4 or 5 days of no sleep is okay. You will just fall asleep when your body gets really tired” . That was wednesday evening this week. I tried and tried without success. I started to get frustrated and actually crying to sleep (this was yesterday). My nerves were shot. A little noise startled me and felt everything was 10x louder. I was very jumpy . It felt like an electrical shock. At this point I was taking naproxen and advil every 2 hrs due to a painful headache & my eyes were sore. I finally told my daughter that I couldn’t handle it. We went to another doctor. Yesterday I couldn’t talk or write properly because it was exhausting to speak or write. My daughter told the doc that my sleeping pattern changed after my operation for ruptured aneurysm. The doc just looked at me and says ”why are u not sleeping? wat did u take to not sleep? How is it possible that ur not sleeping & that is old surgery …you should not be affected by it. There should not be problems” My operation happened on November 4, 2010. He tapped my head when he said this is old surgery. He prescribed me Naproxen and told me go home & relax and stop worrying. I yelled at him telling him i have been trying to relax for the past couple of days and I can’t. That my head is hurting & been taking naproxen, advil, tylenol extra strength but nothing is reducing my pain. He just prescribed me more naproxen and continue taking the meds as I was doing.

Hi Pat,

When I've had problems sleeping, most of the time my brain just too busy. Trying to solve problems recalling stuff from the past......

I get out of bed and I watch and play along Jeopardy. I save them for this purpose. It may sound counter intuitive to use something that requires such concentration but what I find is that concentrating or something, instead of letting a multitude of thoughts "attack me", does allow me to relax enough to go to sleep. It usually takes two to three episodes.

A few years ago when this was happening quite frequently, I'd get up and do those chores that you hate - like reconciling my check book - but nothing physical. I might also read a book. Again, this would allow me to forget everything else that's cluttering my brain, tire out and finally go back to sleep.

I find that going to bed "early" is a prescription for a disastrous night's sleep. If I go to bed early, I wake up two hours early, so I try to avoid that.

Maybe one of these suggestions will help you.

Take care.


Taking Ambien really helps. I can still have a string of nights waking up around 3 or 4 am and not being able to return to sleep. I was also that way before the rupture though.

Several people have suggested Ambien, but it has an interaction with the Lisinopril that I am taking. Also read that it is for 2-6 weeks. And is better for initiating sleep, than maintaining it...??

I really don't want to take sleeping pills.