I'm so tired of being tired

I don’t mean to complain, but I’m so frustrated… and I know this is the only place I can get it off my chest…and not be judged…I’m 11 weeks today since my clipping with NO complications, NO side effects…and I’m still so damn tired most of the time, just want to feel good again…I wake up in the morning and say “it’s going to be a great day” then 4-5 hours later I just have to lay down and take a nap… No one around me gets that, they look at me like I have a third eye or something… The headaches are better, thank God… But now my screws are bugging the crap out of me… Cant get them removed till 6 months out, you know… gotta wait till my skull grows back together,(who writes this stuff?)… Yes I’m grateful to be here writing this and if all I have to complain about is this, then I damn lucky… All my parts work just fine, just wish they would work all day and not for a few hours… :slight_smile: Then there is the issue of my other 1-2 mm annie that’s on the “watch and see program” I must admit I don’t think of it very often… thank GOD, cuz then I would really make my self nuts… Who am I to complain, there are so many others on here that have it worse then I do…And may GOD BLESS you guys…

This is amazing, just getting this off my chest, I’m feeling better already…

Thanks to every one for reading and letting me vent…

kisses and hugs


You are a pillar of strength to have survived and accomplished what you have so far in your healing!!!

Frankly, I kinda like the naps that my body sometimes forces me to take since my annie surgery. It reminds me that sometimes I just need to slow down and smell the roses so to speak every once in a while!

I'm almost 4 months post op and I too have a watch and see 2mm annie that I try not to think about coz in the beginning I was driving myself crazy thinking about it.

What I love about this site is that you can vent like you just did and everyone here will tell you they understand, becuase truly they do understand.

Hugs to you and vent away anytime!! I'm always here to listen :)

Best wishes,


Thanks Linda, your the best…

OMG Blessings to you Warrior girl! You're doing so great! Do you know yours is one of the first posts I read when I stumbled onto this site.. I was so scared I hadn't been out of the hospital a week (after laying there nearly month from my coiling) and I thought I'd never be able to stay awake for more than a few hours at a time let alone work again or have a life!

So Hey allow yourself a little melt-down time! I really think that's the best part of this site. I've read your posts and I am so grateful that you are able to continue to "vent" or let out what needs to be let out because, believe me, it helps ..both ways! Like you said, it helps you to get it out and write it or scream it or what ever and it helps me [because it is all about me helloooo] reading it because I look at it on a day like today - I laid around in bed half the day being all mopey and feeling sorry for myself because even though I have it really great (I'm back to work, my hair's almost grown back completely, I'm getting stronger), but, I'll go 4 or 5 days full steam hoppin' and skippin' then bang I hit a wall like today - noon, I came home for lunch and was so d#$% tired I couldn't get up!! So I slept on and off the rest of day all the while moaning that it's never going to get better I'm never going to be 100% wahh wwahhh. hahaha! Frankly, the only thing missing from my pity party was the balloons and the cake! So thank you for putting it back into perspective!

How many times have we read the main post surgery complaint, whether coiling or clipping is fatigue, extreme bone crushing fatigue. We all know it. Both Doctors and Nurses told me. Heck just two weeks ago,I went for my post-surgery consult they both nodded.."yes yes, fatigue is very common after the procedure" so, it's all good! Let your self be tired and rest rest rest! and as I'm writing this I'm telling myself the same thing.. so thank you!

God Bless and feel better! You're helping all of us too!


Thanks.. Just want it all better... NOW.. :)

It is nice to read that others have the same issues.. Some day soon we'll all dance like no one is watching..

Hey Princess,

Vent. Vent, Vent!!! without being able to do that I think this would be even harder.

Nap if your body says you need it. From what I have been told it only helps us heal faster. Healing is exactly what we are after so who cares if you have a third eye..lol

One thing I have learned with this is that unless you have gone through it or are going through it then understanding is really impossible. Rest if you need it woman!!!



I don’t like to complain either, but, the fatique and the headaches are getting on my nerves. ii want normal agin!m


You have every right to get things of your chest...you have been through major surgery...and like we all think at times...who would ever have thought the surgery would be on our brains...and if it helps about "tired of being tired"...that has been my life with health issues...and after awhile...or through the years I don't know any different...just at 47 ... I often feel older than I am ... I think for you and so many others...the tired will get better as time goes...and if not ... it my dear will be your "new normal"...the new and unique person you are after the annie...Gotcha in my thoughts ... Colleen

Thats what I love about this site,we understant each other,I though I was the only one feeling tired all the time,headaches and depressed, sometimes I feel soo guilty that Im not a good mother or wife cause Im not what I used to be, even so my husband and sister always been there for me, they dont really understant how I feel, but finally I found this site and we all in the same boat. Sometimes I just like to read what others going trough,it helps me a lot.Good Bless everyone.

Thank you guys… It is so nice to know I’m not alone…

i never knew you can get the screws removed, mine must be permanent, i just had my tired episode and i’ll be 2 yrs post op.I do get up early like 5am to get the kids ready for school and clean up and all my chores but by night i’m pooped, yesterday i went to watch a show at 8pm and i fell asleep and got up at 5:30am !! i slept yeaaaaa!!! We are rollercoasters but we can control the ride.

It's good to vent, and with good reason. When we go from being a vibrant human to a fragile one, we tend to, not so much rebel, but just not accept it as easily. However, please listen to your body, and do what it asks you to. Aneurysms are so extremely dangerous, and depending on where they are, they have a wide range of effects on the human body. Mine get me lost driving. And I was a professional driver for over 26 years. I was getting totally lost 3 or 4 blocks from home. Then I started not understanding what people were saying to me after I got tired. So if it has only been a little while since your operation, give it time and take it easy and it will pay off. Good luck and keep smiling

Hugs and more hugs, and kisses

I had Gamma Knife Radiation for my AVM a month before I had my aneurysms clipped. We knew about one aneurysm; the second was a surprise once they opened up my head. I rested A LOT afterwards--as much as I could considering that my husband runs his business out of our home & his uncle/head of shipping is in & out of the house all day & UPS comes to the house 2 times a day M--F.

I went back to dance class 4 weeks after clipping & it kicked my booty! (especially since I hadn't been to a class in 4 months with the whole finding the AVM & end of the school year paperwork & GK & crani)

I went back to work 6 weeks after clipping for teacher inservice. Now THAT really kicked my booty. I was missing those mid-day naps. Normally, during inservice week, I would be at school from 7 am to 5 pm. We could leave at 3 pm, but I usually stay late to get things done. Didn't happen this year. I was definitely glad to "ease" back into work by having a week with no kids. Teaching from 7 to 3, then doing paperwork, etc. afterwards each day made me REALLY miss my naps.

That was 2 months ago. I'm still not able to stay as late as I usually would as often as I usually would. And I spend at least one weekend day taking major naps. Slowly, but surely, I'm building up my stamina. I'm not doing multiple 10-11 hour days each week. I'm not doing 2 day or even 1/2 dance workshops yet, and I still have another Gamma Knife treatment in December, but I am so grateful to be able to dance, to read, to live my life.

Now, I want my migraine aura to GO AWAY!!! I haven't been getting the nasty headaches, but the foggy vision sure impedes my ability to look at my computer & do all of the Special Education paperwork for my kids. It isn't all day, or even every day, but it is way too often.

I know exactly how you feel!! I had coiling done last December. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks. Then in February there was a growth and I had clipping. THEN, 2 weeks later I ended up with an infection. The bone plate was so badly infected that it had to be removed and was on IV antibiotics for 6 weeks. I had to wait 6 months before I could have the soft spot where my brain plate was replaced by a synthetic bone with titanium screw and whatever else! I had that surgery almost 4 weeks ago and I feel so exhausted, my balance if off (however it is getting better), and I feel confused a lot of the time. Like you said, some people just don't understand. Before I had this last surgery done, someone at work said, "I guess you won't be off work long, isn't it just cosmetic surgery that you are having done?" I felt like saying yeah, it's nothing, I have just having my head opened up again for the third time, no problem!! I know that a lot of people are expecting me back to work at the 6 week mark, but I just don't think I will be able to.

I have good days and bad days, and like you after a few hours I get sooooo tired! I was back to work since last May through to when I had this last surgery, and I was never able to work a full day. I am grateful to that I am alive, but I get so frustrated with myself.

Take care of yourself and feel free to vent anytime! It helps to know that I am not the only one going through this.


Hi Warrior, get it off your chest honey, my problem is the opposite, the last time I went for a nap in the afternoon because I felt unwell, couldn’t have told you what was wrong I woke up 5 days later having been coiled so am very scared to go for a nap never mind how tired I am, my partner walked out on me just after and now I find I don’t sleep so good of a night either when I wake up in the night I cannot get back to sleep, worry about something happening, I have been told that the naps you need are just a way of your body healing so take them when you can, maybe resisting will make your healing shorter and hopefully you will soon be back to full strength, take care of you xxxxxxxxxxx

Princess Warrior, I have been out the hospital since July 6, 2011 and its November already and I am still tired. I was clipped and still have periods of angry, saddness, and frustration, and a itchy head. But, I say that I am alive and that I am glad to have this wonderful place to come and bitch and moan if I need too.

Wishing you the best, Amy

dont worry lady…i was tired like crazy for like the 1st yr from my ruptured anny and still enjoy a nap…its still recovering…n i know ur tired of being tired but it does get better…i was 41 when it happened, now 43 and sometimes think its part of getting older…but i dont let the fatigue get me down…u can take vitamins n other herbal supplements to help out with ur energy levels once u get recovered a lil longer

i forgot to include i finally had to use a sleep aid because i would wake up n the middle of the night n be scared to go back to sleep which hurt me more cuz lack of rest…so now im adjusting n with a good nites rest n of course time i feel alot better that im going to be alright…WE ARE ALL SURVIVORS! let me hear u roar…rawrrrrr! love n prayers to all…xoxo