Can loss of sight be possible in coiling, your views please

hi, i have an appointment with consultant this Tuesday and was wondering if someone can give me advice, i know how scared everyone is and its not nice. i saw my surgeon and he said i have a chance going blind in one eye which would be my left eye, as the aneurysm is quite close to my left eye. He said its a 5% chance and we have to say that. Has anyone prior to surgery been told that, i am just so scared and cant sleep properly. it drives me crazy thinking about it.


thanks so much for your advice, its frightening and peoples views and thoughts helps in this difficult time. yes you are right that something bad would happen if it ruptures rather then during the operation, i have no choice in having an operation, 22mm is quite big and im still surviving due to good health i have been told, i dont smoke or have high bp, all these factors can depend on a aneurysm rupturing.

Hi Reena...I have the one annie behind my left eye...they haven't told me too much since it is 2mm and they are watching and waiting...however, they do tell me if I can't see out of that eye for any reason, go to ER immediately...

22mm is a big annie...and like you said no stay positive and know lots of prayers your way...!


hi Colleen, aah thanks so much, they say that it doesnt matter how big the anerysm is and if its big it is going to rupture,the size is not relative to rupturing. you too stay positive too, its your is in a dangerous area can they not operate on it? surely you dont want to be in that position when something bad happens

Hi Reena...My annie last year was coiled...and when they found the one behind my eye...I asked why they didn't coil or do something with 2mm they said, they could cause more harm then if it starts growing...that will change things...for now all aspects of my life are being, high bp meds, no smoking, GI problems under control with meds, anxiety (meds) and relaxation tapes etc.,

I go again in June, have another angiogram and have both annie's looked at (1 coiled and 1 not coiled)...Gotcha in my Thoughts...!

hi colleen, let me now how it goes for you when you go for your appoinment, my prayers are with you always. the neurosurgeons nows whtas best, its such a delicate matter when it comes to the brain,just loo after yourself as you are doing and enjoy each day.

Reena, I had an unruptured aneurysm clipped in April (8mm x 13mm) . It was pressing on my left optic nerve. After the clipping I now have some fields of vision loss in the left eye (vision now 20/40 in that eye). I saw a neuro-opthamologist --one of only 8 in the US, and he told me that such vision loss can be common after aneurysm surgery... yet my neurosurgeon seemed surprised that I had vision loss. Since it is damage to the optic nerve... which cannot be repaired or regnerated, I just have to cope with it. Peripheral vision is a bit of a problem because I sometimes see double but it all something that I can deal with .. especially when I think of what the alternative might have been had I had a rupture. Good luck to you.

Lynne...thank you for having a great way to say this...

Colleen, how long are they watching and waiting?



my surgeon didn't tell me anything pre-op. i was completely unprepared for the surgery and post op healing. maybe it's better that way. knowing you have an aneurysm is scary enough.

i hope all goes well for you!