Sister's angio went ok!

I talked with my sister at the hospital, Her angio went ok :-)

She was sent for a ct scan after the angio because of numbness in her had, she was being checked for stroke. The ct came out showing no stoke so they believe she is have a small reaction to the dye. Her annie is about the same in size as last year and right now is remaining on the wait and watch system. She meets with her neuro again at the end of the month. He did tell her that she could take her trip to Vegas the begining of July and don't have to worry. That statement alone told me she is ok for now!

Thanks for all the support and prayers for my sister :-)



Awesome news!!

Wonderful News...!

God Bless...Colleen

WOOOOO HOOOOO Great news!!!!

Huggsss and prayers !!!!! Julie in Delaware

Great news! Still praying for you!

Great news!!!