Hi Everyone,

My 6 month angiogram went well today. The glue ball (onyx) annie was still a glue ball...Yay!! Dr. did over 100 pics of my brain and I will see him on 12/13 for those results. I was really out of it today...Thanks for all your support BAF friends!

Much Love,


Karen-so great to hear things went rest and recover and update us when you can! ((((HUGS)))) and prayers coming your way!


Glad things went well for you. Its amazing how test take so much out of us. Feel better.

Thanks Cece and Deanna! I'm resting, and a nice headache joined me today. :(

Thanks again for your prayers and support.


So glad all went well sista!!!!

Remember rest rest rest!!!!!

Hugs and Love


I have been haveing black and white zig zag round lines this morning out of both eyes..Makes it hard to see. My angiogram was 2 days ago..Anyone else had this type of side effect? the zig zags are gone for the moment and my head is begining to hurt.


good to hear your good, i have all sorts of little issues to say, i ahve a cateract in each eye so that might be giving you zig zag go to the eye dr, i also have the best friend HEADACHE. And cant get no meds so i changed dr's.

Thx laurie, I think I had this while in the room wed. Same vosion thing. Im ok now