Sinus pressure

Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering if any of you get the pressure headaches and/or sinus pressure post-coiling. I know that others have said that they have headaches, but the pressure in my sinus concerns me. I had two coilings a few months ago, in late July.I hate to keep calling my neurosurgeon's office with my anxiety questions yet I do worry. It's hard to feel like I'm walking around with a time bomb in my head! At the same time, I am counting my blessings and making the most of my days.


Hi Judi...before being coiled ... I asked my surgeon what effects would I have afterwards, he responded "bad headaches for up to 6 months" ... I had them for about 3 months...they did pressure was in the back of neck and shooting up the top of my head and in to my right eye...Keep in mind ... 2 things...(not sure where you live?) Autumn is a time for bad allergies and often lends to sinus headaches...and the second thing, after my coiling, my Neurologist sent me for a ct for to see if I had a sinus infection because that seems to happen often after the coiling...your brain is truly healing... any doubts ... seek medical attention...~ Colleen

yes Judi was coiled and get the sinus pressure type, Sudafed sinus and allergy works well and in winter I just do Tylenol, I think I always suffered a little but after sah it was magnafyed tons! think positive that your problem is fixed and try not to worry- its detrimental ~~

Colleen, thank you for taking the time to reply…all so very helpful. Judi

Thanks, Ron. I appreciate the reassurance and wise advice about not to worry. Judi