Side affects

are there always long term side-affects after a non ruptured coiling procedure? how long are you out from work??

thanks again!

Hi Sunrise,

I was coiled after an Sah/coma in late 2006...but I had honestly no side effects that I can think of (no headaches), all was fine with the coils until suddenly one night in 2010 I was hit with the same intense pain thru my skull that I 'd had right before my Sah/coma (this time though the pain just dropped me to the ground, no coma !) instead of adding coils I went for a clipping instead...


This is so hard to answer for any of us...because everyone is different...often due to age, medical history, etc.,

For me, I had a leaky aneurysm and it was coiled 2 years ago...because of some complications, I wasn't standard text was about a good 3 to 6 months of healing...and very bad migraines...they subsided in time and now I only get them once or twice a month...many here have no problems after coiling...some have worse then me...don't want to scare, but everyone is different...Ask your Neurosurgeon what side effects he has encountered with patients that have been coiled ?

Wishing you a Good day ~ Colleen

I’m glad your migraines are beginning to subside. I can see what you mean… each person is different. My doctor seems to think it’s a pretty simple procedure and her patients are up/running within a couple of days… It doesn’t sound that simple to me!
How did you know it was leaking? does that show in a CT Angio or the regular cerebral angiogram??
Thanks again!!

My Symptoms told them I was having a leak...and they saw something in the CT angio that confirmed it...from the time I found out I had the brain aneurysm and had surgery it was almost 3 months...however, when surgeons saw the leak they prepped me for 1 week until surgery...~ it can take time ... so staying calm or trying to stay calm is the best...~ Colleen

my plan/hope is to meet with my 3rd/final opinion on july 5th. at that point, i will make a decision and hopefully DO SOMETHING this summer. since i’m a teacher, summer would be easier!!