Recovery from a coiling

Hi, I just found this site yesterday and I am so thankful to be able to talk to others that know what it is like to go through this. My aneurysm (internal carotid) was found during an MRI when they were looking at my pituitary tumor. The aneurysm is on the small size but because of it's close proximity to the pit. tumor, the surgeon wants it to be taken care of prior to anything being done about the tumor. My procedure (coiling) is being done on the 30th of April. I have an understanding of the procedure but I am wondering about the side effects of having a coiling. I have read about headaches and short term memory loss, has anyone had these or any other problems?

Hi Michelle...

I was told by neurosurgeons "headaches" for about 6 months...I continue to have them, but every few weeks instead of constant like after being coiled...also, I have terrible sore neck on the right~side and a droopy eye...and pain on the right side of my head...I was told after my 6 week checkup ... none had to do with my coiling, however, I never had any of these things until my coiling...I think alot depends on where one's aneurysm is located...just my opinion...

Glad you found us too...~ Cyber~thoughts your way ~ Colleen

Hi Michelle, my coiling was done 7 weeks ago, basilar tip. I am FINE, no headaches now, and my memory is exactly what it was before- not the best lol. Still get tired easily, but that was before as well.

All my best to you, I shall keep you in my prayers.



hi michelle,

i had a coiling done on a ruptured anny and was discharged from hospital two weeks after rupture..our circumstances are different but a little bit alike..i had alot of sensitivity to light and sound once i was home and also in the hospital..i'm sure because mine ruptured the get well time was a lot longer..6 wks all together before returning to work p/t. i am going on 3 yrs anny free and am doin 44 and enjoy taking a napp every now and then..i'm with shauna on this one, lol..i think age may also play a part in that factor..just listen to your body and rest when your tired, relax when you want and dont rush the process...we are all different...i love seeing the optomism and def plays a part in how your doing..keep a positive attitude, keep your faith high and you canmake it thru anything..prayers n love coming your way..

Thank you all for the well wishes. Just 5 days until my procedure, I'm nervous but I know things will be fine.


I have a 5mm ICA too. Mine is watch and wait.

I just added you to my prayer list.