Should your family members be screened for aneurysms?

Here's a great video and article on the subject-

Great video and article - and that’s my doctor! Michael Alexander at Cedars. Funny to “see” him today, when he’s doing my angio in 3 days! Thanks Ginny

Hi Ginny, I’m from a family of six girls (I’m number four) age range between 60 and 40. I was operated by coiling last week for a 13 mm unruptured aneurysm. The Neurosurgeons that did the procedures on me absolutely requested for all of my sisters to have a ct scan. Was told that it was more important for my sisters to be checked than my daughters that are 27 and 30 years old.

YES, it is a family thing. My sisters were screened and one of them had an aneurysm. She had it clipped and has been symptom free since.

Both my sister and my daughter’s doctors wanted them scanned after my aneurysm was found in March of this year. My sister is going for her scan soon, hopefully she will have the same result my older daughter had, nothing.

I am 5 weeks post op from clipping of unruptered 10mm MCA. Mine was found incidentally on an MRI/MRA, it did NOT show up on a CT scan. I have 2 sons, 22 and 29 yrs old. What tests should they get? I am an only child so I have no siblings to be tested

Hi there. This is interesting. I am in new Zealand so a bit remote from others who have experienced these. I found I had an unruptured 11mm aneurysm on my brain completely incidentally when I was admitted to hospital with legionnairres disease from inhaling potting mix. They did a CT scan simply to see if the infection had reached my brain. As soon as I recovered from the pneumonia I went back to hospital for it to be coiled. It was difficult as there is no screening here for these, they usually only present when they rupture. My sister, who was in her 50's went to her Doctor to see if she could have a CT scan to check hers - was totally refused. I have two brothers also who now wonder... and 3 adult daughters who I will seek to find out if they should get screened and when the best age for it is. In my case I was just told there are no symptoms, nothing to expect in follow up just get on as normal. It is not normal! We still don't have any screening here, and I cant get any information about how to access it for family. That was a tough year - including accepting that I am only alive by the grace of God and crappy potting mix! I do now hear often of people who either die or are severely damaged by ruptured aneurysms, so it's very hard to talk about!

My daughter went to be checked and they wouldn’t check her unless something was wrong , insurance will not pay to check and see
Which dosnt make sense

I would definitely recommend family members get screened. My older sister had a clipping in 2014 after suffering severe headaches for about two weeks. I remember thinking, "Man, I feel so sorry for what she is dealing with and so fortunate it is not me." One year later I ruptured an aneurysm in the gym - should have been screened, so if your family has not - do it!

Hi, I had a unruptured aneurysm coiled at the end of 2014 and being from a family of 6 girls (I’m #4 ) and mother of 2 daughters age 29 and 32, the Doctors made sure that all had to be checked . Good news, I was the only one with aneurysms.

Is screening available on public health in other countries or is it covered by medical insurance?

My husband a 7.4 mm aneurysm clipped 9/13/16. Several members of his family had clippings, some not so lucky. He was diagnosed with Factor V Lieden, which is hereditary.