Should I be worried? (pls help)

I had my MRI/MRA with contrast.

I now have black tarry stools. anyone else experience this after?

Amy I can't remember...but black tarry stools aren't normal...Call your Family Doctor and tell them what is going on with you ... Gotcha in my Thoughts, keep us posted...~ Colleen

Wondering if you talked to the Doc's office Amy?

no. none today - so I am hoping it was from the contrast.

I had this problem once, after an angiogram. I called my neurologist office, he did not think it was related. It cleared up and I have not had the problem since that procedure. To be safe check with your neuro and your primary physician.

Amy...the only thing I can suggest is that you google gadolinium... apx 2010 there were class action suits and the FDA required expansion of the Warnings/contra-indications...And, please call your neuro-docs..

We can assume any potential issues would be covered w/patients when they are being asked to sign a consent form. I had never thought to share that info here...I came across it unexpectedly searching for other data.

Thank you for bringing this up...prayers that you reach your neuros ... have no memory of the reactions that were addressed in may not be the same as you are having...I have no idea, nor expertise...


Hi Amy,

After I had my surgery, I was given a health care nurse by my insurance company who called to chat with me about my surgery and to make sure that everything was going well post op. I do not mean to scare you in any way, but one of the things that she did warn me to watch out for was black, tarry stools because it can be an indication of internal bleeding, which can be exacerbated if you are taking Plavix, which I was at the time. She did tell me that if it did happen, that I was to immediately contact my doctor.

I would suggest that you contact your doctor and don't wait too long on this!

You're in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted.


I called. said not from contrast. now I get to be concerned it is something else now.

Thank you all. Some answers.

I am not on plavix. I am on a statin though. I haven't taken an iron pill in a looooong time. I am anemic though. I am also on a Bayer a day.

It only happened that once. It has not happened since. I will watch and then call if it comes back. Or, at my physical I will mention it.