Shocking sensation

I this morning had what felt like an electric shock in my brain - didnt last more than a few seconds - is this normal after coiling? (no rupture) +- 1,5 mnths after surgery.

hey Andre! yes I've seen this many times on here, they are called zaps which I thought was a made up name from a friend who suffered these. Thank you for sharing I found it interesting, I've gotten them once or twice in 4 yrs post sah coiling. I would say it is normal but you could discuss it with your drs to ease your troubled mind- I found googling that anxiety is a huge trigger, I came across this article-very good. mine were around 6 mnth mark I think so you might get a few more.. hmm.... you got me thinking now- I had a slight "tickleing"a few days ago and im thinking it was a very mild zap?? These things will soon pass I think.I also get pinches - I call them. I hope you get a lot of response on this- I will research a little more- I'm curious ~see you round bud!

Hi ...trying to get this back on front page ... there is another member here who's wife is a survivor and he talks a lot about electricity shock...~ Hopefully he will answer this post...if he isn't on line I will try and find where he writes about this concerning electric shock...~ Colleen

Thank you Colleen, I will look out for it.

Andre...hope you get much more feedback... we can definitely get diff electric shocks...

Happy 4th...