Sharp pains

Does anyone get sharp pains that seem to come out of nowhere? I’ve had them occur on both the right and left side of my brain close to the ear and at mid-brain right near the center of my skull. They just come out of nowhere and are very quick, no more than a minute, but they leave the spot a little tender for awhile and sometimes a little bit warm. It’s a bit strange and I’m unsure of its cause. It’s always the same three spots, at least for now, so perhaps its pressure from the extra stuff (i.e., coils and glue) that graces my brain.

Ever since my clipping occurred, I have the same type of pains you talk about. They seem to come when I least expect it. I think you may be on the right track with it being because of extra things in our brains. I never had them prior to my surgery. Hope this helps or provides a little bit of comfort.

Thank you Shayla that is comforting.

I have had these same pains the last week. My doctor says its normal. The thing that I don’t feel is normal is when I touch My forehead I can feel and hear moisture under my skin… Gives me shivers…lol… Weird, I know…

i had my clipping on Nov 15 th 2010 .i have the same feeling of moisture. it is like i can hear fluid and feel it . very strange. i wish you a speedy recovery if you hear anything else about the smushy feeling and sounds let me know .thanks.

How far out of surgery are you all? I remember getting sharp weird pains and then the really weird thing i called was the noise, i called it brain crackle. My NS told me it was all normal and would go away, and it did. The brain crackle left within the first 2 months. Drove me nuts though

I am almost 2 1/2 years since my clipping, and it does get better, and it changes. However always talk to your doctors. Validation from others here is priceless though.


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Hiya…I get coiled this Tuesday…so I will see after that time…I hope this not to be the case…already have pain in my head…hope this gets better for you…Hugs Colleen

It’s been 4 years for me and I still get brain crackle and the occassional sharp pain. I just had the brain crackle yesterday. Woke up with it.

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Thank you. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have a name to this. I was able to look up information at the mayo clinic’s website on ice pick headaches. Ironically, one of the treatments for ice pick headaches is Indomethacin. I was subscribed this for a gout attack that I had. I’ve been taken it for that reason; it had nothing to do with the headahces. But I haven’t had them since I’ve been taken it, which now makes sense. Unfortunately, you can only take Indomethacin for a short period of time because of a higher risk of stroke, ulcers, and bleeding. But now I know what to talk about when I go to my next doctor’s appt.