Seizures & indentations after surgury

I have been researching as much as I can before my Surgury next month. I keep seeing stuff about seizures after craniotomy? Anyone here experience that? What about temple indentations?

Hi Kaitlyn,

I was put on seizure medication right after surgery and was on it for about 2 months until they started weaning me off since I did not have a seizure. If they do not intend to give it to you unless you have a seizure, I would suggest to ask them to be on it as a preventative measure.

As for the indentation, I do have several indents, with the most prominent one being on my temple. This is inevitable due to the temporalis muscle being cut and the atrophy that occurs. There are also new bumps and grooves all alone the incision but those are covered by my hair. There are some options to have the indent filled down the road, but I have learned to accept it as a battle wound and a reminder of what I have been through. I have parted my hair to that side to cover it most of the time, but it is hardly noticeable to anyone but myself. Keep in mind that the indent does not happen as significant in some. Mine, however, sunk in pretty deep and my surgeon said it was one of the deepest he has seen.

Try to look past the cosmetic aspect of the surgery. I know it is extremely difficult and I focused on it as well. Think about how lucky you are to have found the aneurysm prior to a rupture and know that this will all be behind you soon!

I did not have any seizures and was never on any seizure medication.

I also have a large AVM (being treated by Gamma Knife radiations), and the doctors seemed surprised that I hadn't had any seizures.

I do have an indentation near my temple. I'm really the only person who notices it. Most of the time my hair covers it, though.

I take a mild seizure med but for my migraines not for seizures. I agree with Cait, check with your surgeon before. In my case any meds that my NS gave me were temporary. Any permanent meds I take are from my neurologist as part of my long term care. I have a small indent along my incision line, not too bad and cannot be seen. I guess that all depends on where your annie is and where your incision is. Carol

Thanks everyone! It’s all so much to take in so fast… The seizures part scares me the most I think outta everything tho.

I had seizures during the angiogram following the craniotomy, and then later in ICU. I was on anti-seizure meds for 6 months, then tapered off after 2 normal EEGs.

And I had a big indentation on my right temple. I believe they cut the temporals muscle at the skull, flip it down during the surgery, then flip it back. The muscle wasting comes from less perfusion while the muscle is flipped forward.

I had the depression, and about a year later had cranioplasty, where the area under the skin (not under the muscle) is filled with a kind of cement. The match from left to right is excellent, which is all I wanted. And that operation was a breeze (1 hr. OR time, with easy recovery).

Thanks Beth!

Hi Kaitlyn, try not to worry. There are indents but mine were not bad. I was on anti-seizure meds as a preventative for a month, was glad to get off of it :-) I had two annies clipped, one on the right behind my eye and one on the brain stem. My doc was awesome, the scars are behind the hairline, he had told me that I didn't even look like a patient after it was over...I went in on a Monday and was discharged on that Friday. I was very tired and allowed myself to sleep when I could and didn't do any lifting etc for a little while. I still have two small annies on the left side that they're watching and am fully functioning thank God...take things one day at a time and line up your questions for your neurosurgeon. They usually are very supportive...hugs...

Some anti-seizure medicines help with neuropathy. They put me on Gabapentin a couple weeks after my surgery because I was experiencing a lot of pain in my teeth. The pain in my teeth was the worst experience of my craniotomy. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat. Sleep deprivation led to depression. I wish they had started me on it right after my surgery. It worked wonders. I have a small indentation at my temple but nothing noticeable.

Hi Kaitlyn,
I had a craniomoty almost three years ago - no seizures at all. Small indent on side of forehead which shows in warm weather ever so slightly. I part my hair on the other side.
Wishing you well!!!

I had a craniotomy 3 years ago and had a good experience. I was left with a scar behind the hairline and a slight indentation behind the temple which is barely noticeable. I did not take any medications for seizures not did I have any, in fact I had no post operative problems whatsoever and my recovery was uneventful apart from a bit of tiredness for a few months. Hope this helps, best of luck.