It has been 2 yrs since I had an unruptured ane coiled behind my left eye. I still struggle with headaches, short term memory loss, logical thinking ect. I didn't go back to get my follow up MRA done after 1 yr. because we lost our group health ins. when we moved back to the farm. My ane was a bulge on one side which I haven't seen much of in my research. About 2 weeks ago I had a seizure so I can add that to my list. I contacted Mayo to try to get in for my MRA but they refuse to see me until we prepay for the test. Has anyone else had seizures this long after the coiling? Thanks!

Hi Tabitha,

I was clipped and experienced my first seizure about 13 months after the surgery. I’ve had ~8 seizures in the last 42 years so I continue to take anti seizure meds.

Should you have another grand mal seizure, please call 911 and go to the emergency room in the ambulance so that you can be examined and any serious issue ruled out.


Thank you for your reply Carole! My husband did take me to the ER. I was in observation overnight then they sent me home. They did a cat scan but it didn't show anything so I learned nothing. I don't remember the seizure or anything leading up to it. I have 3 children and the oldest had to watch it happen. I know he is concerned as am I whether I will have another. I guess now we just wait & see.

Hi Tabitha. I had PED stent surgery for an unruptured annie on Feb. 29, 2012. The reason I found the annie is because I began having partial focal seizures in Oct. 2011. I've been on Keppra (anti-seizure meds) since October. I was hoping once I had surgery for the aneurysm, the seizures would stop, but they have not. The meds more or less keep them at bay, but around "that time of the month" when hormones are running high, I tend to have several seizures throughout the week. I also get bad headaches, especially if I'm not getting enough rest. I don't take meds for the headaches as they are infrequent. I also have a difficult time concentrating and focusing at work. I never had these problems prior to the annie or surgery. If you have any questions about seizures, meds, etc. please let me know! I know it's very scary!

Hi Rachel! Thanks for the insight. Are you still able to drive? I am a little afraid to drive now, especially with my children in the car. I hope to go back for my MRA in a month or so and maybe it will shed some light on the why. I don't know the difference between the different seizures but I have read that my muscle jumps may be a form of seizure. I have been fighting them since the procedure. They aren't bad enough that everyone sees them but I try to make it look intentional. My son said I was convulsing and drooling (in front of 3 towns of campers no less) where I was suppose to be the director. I hope I can get everything under control as you have & thanks again!

Hey Tabitha! Yes, I'm still able to drive (Thank goodness!). But my seizures are very mild... I have staring spells, can't speak/answer questions, get trembly, sometimes slight head movement that I can't control. But since I've been having them since October, I'm usually able to tell when I'm going to have one b/c I have an aura-just a feeling I get when one is about to start. I think when I'm driving, my brain is so involved in that activity, luckily I haven't had any problems while driving. I also have some muscle jumps like you mentioned, and that is most definitely part of the seizures. I know how you feel, but hang in there, you will learn to manage them for the most part. Are you on any meds yet?

Hi Rachel and Tabitha,

There are two important points that Rachel has made

  1. She has an “aura” that let her know that a seizure is about to begin. Not everyone does.
  2. She is on seizure medication but that only partially controls her seizures. This also varies from person to person.

Tabitha - do you have a primary care physician that you can consult re: your seizure experience while you await your MRA?

I drive and I do so because my seizures are well controlled by medication. I give thanks to God that my last one was more than 20 years ago. I do not get auras so I would not drive if my seizures were not so well controlled.


Great information Carole! I don't drive if I am not feeling well that day or feel a little "off" for lack of a better word. And the fact that my seizures are only partially controlled is something of concern. I have an appointment with my neurologist in 2 weeks to address my concerns. So yes, probably until you have more information about your condition/seizures, I would not drive. Carole do you mind if I ask what you take to control your seizures? My dr. has me on 3000 mg of Keppra daily (I take 2, 500mg pills, 3x a day). They have not ever changed my meds even though I've mentioned I still have breakthrough seizures.

Hi Rachel,

I take Tegretol XR 200 mg 2x a day to control grand mal seizures. I took Dilantin for almost 20 years before changing to Tegretol. I’ve experienced only one seizure since I’ve been on Tegretol (the only one where I had an injury). I’m pretty sure that this one occurred because I had not taken my medication properly. The neurologists have been relcutant to take me off of it or to change medications at because of the risk of seiures occurring. Because I tolerate it well (it can have some nasty side effects), I’ve stayed on it especially since it has given me the freedom to drive and travel alone internationally.

Please let me know if you have more questions.


You are very lucky to tolerate the meds so well-thank you for the information : ) I wouldn't want to change meds either if they're working that well for you. I plan on asking my neuroloigst about other medications that might work better for me. I also travel quite a bit for work and pleasure and don't intend on slowing down my lifestyle so I'd love to find something that works better! I appreciate your input!

Hi Jo,

I agree with you wholeheartedly. This is why I fought so hard when my insurance company changed my med to a generic last year. We were successful in getting the changes rescinded and my regular med restored.

Most states have laws that govern when your license can be revoked and the obligations of physicians to report on patients having seizures..

In our litigious society, anything and every hiccup that you've had in your life can be used against you should you have an accident.

Health insurance gaps and/or the inability to qualify for health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance and long-term care insurance are also issues for those of us who have annies or who have had treatment for annies.

It's definitely a game changer.

Take care.


Oh need to have a ur local gov't and see if someone can help you to get an insurance and/or do procedure pro ~ bono...also check with your local hospital social worker...if they can give any aid...

Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

I so appreciate everyones input. The doctor has told me they will not put me on seizure meds unless I have a second seizure. I am now in the process of applying for federal risk pool insurance. The only problem is that I won't have any coverage until Aug. 1 so I won't be able to have anything done until then. Reguarding the driving I too only drive local and I am fortunate enough to have a teenager who can drive if I start not feeling well. I am hoping things stay quiet until I can get my MRA done. I did check into govt programs but we are farmers so we can not qualify because of the assets involved. Thanks again! Tabitha