Seattle area doctors

I’m wondering if any of you Seattle area folks have seen any neurosurgeons you like other than at Swedish and Harborview? I’m looking for someone to get a 3rd opinion from. Thanks!

Hi Karene...putting this back on "main page" in hopes someone will be able to help you out...~ Colleen

hi karene! you can also go to members up top then type in seattle on search box, good luck!


Cool - I didn’t know that!


I met with a doctor on the Eastside. Dr. Ali Naini at Neurological Associates of Washington. His office is in Kirkland, WA and he is affiliated with Evergreen Hospital. His number is 425-■■■■■■■■.

I also really liked Dr. Basavaraj Ghodke. He is at UW Medicine, at Harborview. His number is 206-■■■■■■■■.


No I've had such a good experience with Dr. David Newell, his staff at the Seattle Neuroscience Institute and Swedish Hospital that I can't think of anyone I could recommend more highly.

That’s great to hear - thanks!