Dr. in Iowa

In a few short months it will be time for another picture via MRA of my unruptrued small anersyum. So far I’ve only been seeing my family dr., and feel that I would like to go ahead and have a neurological doc take over from here.
Is there anyone here that maybe able to make a recommendation for a neuro here in Iowa? Specifically central iowa. But my health insurance will cover down in Iowa City University Hospital as well.
Thank you in advance!

Hi and again Welcome Trish...I think it is good you are pursuing seeing a Neurosurgeon for your brain aneurysm. Also, you can click above at BAF website and look at the Board Doctors on the foundation ...for help on one in Iowa...keep us posted...Good Luck ~ Colleen

Thank you Colleen.

Hi Trish! So glad you're taking the proactive approach. I can't help with Iowa since my doc is in Chicago.