Screen names - Ben's Friends values your privacy

Some of you may have noticed that your screen name now appears different. If you had your full name as your screen name, I changed it in order to better protect your privacy. If the shortened name is not to your liking, please private message me by clicking on the ModSupport icon and let me know what you would rather your name be, and I’ll change it.

Sharon from ModSupport


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Thank you. In spite of having survived an aneurysm/ subarachnoid haemorrhage (20 years ago last Tuesday to be precise!) I always felt a bit concerned about going ‘public’. Although I’m now retired I was always extremely cautious about Facebook and other groups that were not ‘Private’, and the risk of wrecking my employment chances- which I think I self-sabotaged anyway! It’s a fine line between caution and paranoia I guess.

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Ms. Sharon, I cannot imagine all the time you put into this for our members. You have my deepest gratitude, sincere thanks and many, many kudos!

Big hugs for all that work a d everything else you do for Ben’s Friends!

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Thank you Elaine! That’s very sweet of you

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Elaine and Sharon are the best…great info for YEARS, THANKS!!

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Thanks what is my screen name now

@Mandy1 your screen name is Mandy1. Welcome to our group! If you want to learn about someone who has posted, just click on their picture. Right now, yours is either fuchsia or pink and has an upper case “M”. Starbirder has a picture of herself, mine is one of our pups, Moderator Support has the three Mod Squad, but there’s really 4 of them. It’s that easy! If you have any questions about navigating the site, just PM me or ModSupport and we will do our best to answer.


Many thanks for ur help

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I can learn from other members experience and thank you for having me in the group.

We have great members here @Mandy1! You would not believe how much help and support they can give, it’s fantastic! Why don’t you start a new topic and introduce yourself?


Hello ,
Been since 2007 I had my Annie clipped , there wasn’t any sights to go to or many people to comfort you or any questions.
So glad to have this sight to ease so many questions and comfort our fears.

I’m hear because I have cancerous sinus annersyum that has grown so large need surgery. Wondering if anyone else had one fixed?
Live near Boston will be done at Beth Iseral hospital , Dr. Ogilvy . I was blown away after hearing it has grown I actually didn’t hear my Dr. taking. I was in shock. I was just selling my house , my turn at life probably buying a camper and travel until.
I came home and cried for two days, because this was not in my plans. I just had three fusions , broken bones fixed on my back in January and I just had a full knee replacement in April this blew me away.

I’m hoping if anyone had one and surgery please reach out to me.

I’m actually considering not having it done and gone on with my plans and hope for the best and I get a few years of happiness traveling .
I read all the stories of dents in the temple sign of surgery , the pins from the plates moving and hurting. I smile because after all these years it’s still a true fact it hurts and miserable. I was lucky my plate was moving towards my eye so it was removed. What a great feeling enjoy it every day it’s not there.
Still have the funny quirks of having brain surgery and coiling.
I would do over again with out a hesitation, no pain just zaps from nerve ending.
The coiling was the best decision I could have made never looked back.
While after all these years I never need help so if any has one operated on