Safe exercise

Hi's been a while since I've been on here! Other than minor headaches, I'm doing really well. I'm driving and running errands on my own and re-engaging in life as much as I can. I want to start exercising...especially my core but many exercises torque the neck which is a major no-no according to my docs (mine where vertebral and internal carotid Annie's). Have any of you come across any good core exercises specific to aneurysm survivors?

hi sandy! I have an abdominizer -a little seat with handles to do sit ups on-you pull on handles not your neck! I hope this helps!

Hi Sandy. I need to exercised but I’v balance issues and nerve damaged in both arms. Also I have to worked my core. I’m unable to go down on the floor. The abdomenizer won’t work for me Ron. But I’ve seen it and it really works. So I used my broomsticks and twisted, all my exercises involved standing up. My neck is still stiff, and painful like you Sandy. I had a vertebral, carotid aneurysm. I hope you find more good core exercises for aneurysm survivors.

Hi Sandy - an exercise ball has helped me with my core immensely - from balancing on it while tightening my abdominal muscles to lying on a mat and passing the ball back and forth between my knees and hands….started these in pt and kept up with them. I am stronger and better balanced.

Great question to post Sandy. I am very interested in other forms of exercise that people post on here.

You know Mary - I bet this would be a great exercise for me - not too much cardio (at least I think not too much cardio).

Hi...have you asked your Doc if there are specific exercises you can do? Or perhaps a visit with a physical therapist who often have suggestions specific to your needs? In therapy I did alot of balance type exercises like standing on one foot, then walking over those box thingies (darn box thingy I can't remember it's real name!), walking on a foam bar, squats with pressing back on a ball wedged between wall and I, rubber band exercises, monster walks, to name a few. I have an appointment with my Doc in a month and was going to ask more activity type questions. If I learn anything I'll share.

That would be great!!

hi kim , I cant either so I do it on the couch, it works kinda and sure is better than pulling on neck

Hi Sandy,

I was told by the nuero that cardiovascular exercise like walking or jogging would be fine if I felt ok but no lifting ever! Because it would put too much pressure on the coils. I have resistance bands but not sure if they are ok or if it causes too much pressure so I am going to ask on my next appt with him.

Eve x

wow Eve! I was never told that! just had restriction after the endovascular surgeries/angios tthen back to normal daily life, by lifting do you mean power lifting with barbells or normal stuff like heavy boxes, babies etc etc? tc xoxo

Hi Sandy...There are so many more core exercises then just doing sitting ups's that are standing, etc., I had my brain aneurysm in the back of my neck and like you I could know longer do situps...but found so much more on line, etc., also, I try to be conscious all the time about holding in the core muscles when doing anything all day which helps to make them stronger...Good Luck...~ Colleen

Hi Ron,

I was told no restrictions by the neurosurgeon. The same one that said in two weeks I would recover and be back driving lol The London neuro told me no lifting ever when I saw him earlier this year. I asked if it was ok to bath my little dog each week, he weighs 14lb and I was told no lifting full stop with coils.

London is a renowned neurological Hospital and a place of excellence so I am listening to their advice.

Eve x

Kudos for wanting to exercise. But please check with your Dr or PT before starting any. You should also check out the exercise group here on BAF. Very encouraging! Good luck