As I wrote in my story, my bf was diagnosed with 2 aneurysms; one burst and was coiled and they did an agiogram for the other one. I was told that the coiled one is safe, but he must be careful what activities he is doing for the other one should be safe as well but there is some risk.

He put quite some weight on and would like to exercise, but he is scared that he might do the wrong training. Is there anyone who could give us some tips concerning that? He is fully recovered, amazingly no damage at all... the only thing is he gets tired a bit quicker than before. He used to play football before and now the closest he gets to exercise is walking :)

Thank You!

I was told I could do any type of exercise including cardio as long as there is no straining. Basically anything that can cause you to have head trauma or strain is to be avoided. Contact sports, scuba diving, sky diving, or anything with high G forces should be avoided. Heavy weights are out. Small weights with a lot of repetitions should be OK.

Since everyone is different and his aneurysms may be of a different type and in a different area, I think asking his doctor for individual exercise recommendations would be prudent. Good luck!

Thank you Tony! Will try to play safe and start small :)

I am an exercise geek...and I have one annie being watched, and one coiled, that isn't fully compacted...so my risk is there...I walk twice a day and a very brisk walk...I do cardio dvd's at least 3 times a week with weights that only weigh 3 pounds (told not to lift larger then 10 pounds)...in trial and error, I have found I cannot do 2 things ... bend my head for long period of time and no longer do situps because they put too much pressure on head and neck...I think exercise is good physically and emotionally...however, I think it must be taken slow after surgery and worked up to...also, I think we must keep in account all the things we may do through out the day that are physical...I do not sit still...up and down steps alot, yard work, etc., ~ Colleen

Dear Colleen,

Thank you for your message! we are taking it slowly at the moment, but feel more courageous reading your replies here and will try to do a bit more than we do at the moment. Sedat, my bf, likes swimming so we will add that to our list. It has been quite a long time since it happened, 2 years this march, and although the doctor said it is fine to go back to exercising, it is indeed up to everyone's body, how it feels. I am optimistic now and will support and encourage different types of working out activities. He is also a bit sensitive when it comes to his neck or bending his head so we will avoid that.

I admire you and wish you good health and all the best! :)