Does anyone know if jumping rope is safe with an unruptured aneurysm. I'm tired of being scared to exercise and thought this would be good to lose a little weight. Thanks


Hi Deanna...I have a 2mm unruptured aneurysm besides the one that is coiled...I walk twice a day and do cardio with bands three times a week...I never thought to ask whether I could do either...just assumed if it didn't hurt me it was fine...I say ... try it...and if all seems ok...then continue...if you are scared...call your Neurologist and ask him/her what they think about jumping rope ~ Colleen

Hi Deanna,

For years I shied away from vigorous exercise due to my unruptured aneurysms. I know do step dancing and ballroom dancing which are almost as vigorous as jumping rope. I have also been told by my doctor, my physical therapist and one of the neurologists that I've seen is that the overall best exercise is walking. :-)

A lot of opinions about exercise and medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease and vascular diseases have changed over the years. In addition to checking with your neurologist as Colleen suggested, please check with primary care physician.

Good luck to you.



Thanks, I did try it and got a headache so I stoped. Woke up this morning and my right knee and left ankle hurt. Guess I'm just to old to jump rope. Lol I'll stick to the walking.


Hi Carole,

I think I'll stick to the walking.

I read your answer to another post where you mentioned a book called Jesus Calling. Can you give me the authors name? Tried to find it at the library and what came up was a children's devotional. I would really like to read it but can't go out and buy it. Thanks.

I too suffer with daily pain. I found a book that I think is the answer to all our pain problems. I found it at the library. It's called Soft Tissue Massage For Pain Relief by Bernard Schatz. I really think it will be helpful to you.

Praying for a pain free day,


Hi Deanna. When you say unruptured do you also mean NOT repaired yet by coiling or clipping? I can only say that prior to my ani diagnosis I would get headaches within 5 minutes or less when I got on my treadmill. I got right off, but I never related the two being I also have high BP.

I would check with your doctor first. Maybe where the ani is located might make a difference also, but not sure. Best wishes, Jeanne