Rupture due to childbirth

Has anyone else had a brain aneurysm rupture due to childbirth?

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I know two who did / very close to birth; one was a few days before birth. This was in the past several years.

My first experience of this, was a young (22) mother who had her rupture nine months after, not during, the birh of her son. Back in those days, we did not know the name "aneurysm" but knew somehow how it was related. So heart-breaking, so sad, she did not live.

Because of these three, and those who have ruptures later , post-birth, than these three; I have had a high curiosity as to which artery (likely a posterior circulation artery) is involved. A term ued in the old days (really old) was "hyperemesis" generally related to death back then. I have no idea of the percentage who may have survived. Please pull up "Hyperemisis" in search. I could not generate any interest in research on this; from the members and/or from staff.

Also, I hope you will share with this group, any info from the ob/gyn and the neuros and which artery hosts the aneurysm.

The Baby is adorable. Prayers for excellent recovery of rupture.


oh i amembarrassed nowi read the post as having to do with babiesanerupturing instead of the mothersplease excuse my stupidity in my reply

Vicki, I think you read it right the first time; it relates to the mother rupturing during or near birth.

I may not have said it clarly; one of the mothers was hospitalized after her rupture, days before birth; I believe the second ruptured days after birth; not during. The one mother of many years ago had the rupture, nine months after birth. Thank you for letting me know.; others have let me know when I do not say things right.

Prayers for your continued recovery.


Dearest Pat~

I am so sorry to hear of the 22 year old woman who passed away from her aneurysm nine months after birthing her child! Breaks my heart BIG time! I am not sure which artery had the aneurysm, but will try to find out. I never really thought to know. I guess sometimes too much information, at least in the last 9 months, is too much information for me. I get really emotional about it.

Also, I'm not too sure how to "share" with the group. Can you assist me with this?

Thank you for your prayers and God Bless you, too!


Wow...thanks Jim! I have heard that it is very common for a rupture to occur during or after childbirth due to the strain of pushing. I have not, however, heard of a rupture occurring during the act of conceiving, but it makes total sense!

Hi Laura,

One of the few cautions my neurosurgeon gave me when I was leaving the hospital after having my annie clipped in 1969 was "....and whatever you do, don't get pregnant". This is because there was another unruptured annie. I was 19 at the time and getting pregnant was the last thing on my mind. However, we revisited the issue 8 years later when my husband and I were considering having children. Unfortunately, it was discovered that I now had three aneurysms. So, my husband and I made the difficult decision not to have children rather than to risk another rupture and/or craniotomy - the only option at the time.

My decision was reinforced one day not long after our decision was made. While I was at a hospital on business, a worker came in to the office from the ER to tell everyone that they had "lost another one". When I asked what she meant, she told me they had lost another pregnant woman to an aneurysm rupture.

My cousin, on the other hand, who did not know she had an aneurysm at the time, had a successful pregnancy. Later, when her unruptured aneurysm was discovered, she also had a successful aneurysm surgery.

I hope my understanding is correct that the photo is of your beautiful baby and that you have had a successful treatment.

Thanks be to God!


after reading this discussion it dawned on meif i had my anne all my life as they said was possible,then i must be luckybecause i gave birth to 6childrenand only one of them was by c-sectionso i don't believe i had since birth either as they said was a possibility.

no i havent but i had the aneurysm and didnt know it for both my children.

Dearest Carole~

I realize that not a lot was known about aneurysms years ago and I'm sorry that you weren't able to have children due to your annies.

When I read of the pregnant woman who died of a ruptured brain aneurysm in your comment, it sent chills right up my spine and tears to my eyes. My doctors say that I had the aneurysm for a while and it ruptured because of my pushing. Thank JESUS everything happened for me the way that it did!!!

The not-so-funny thing is is that the hospital where I delivered and my doctor and nurses had shown no worry that I wasn't waking the next day. My husband, God bless him, kept pushing and asking why I wasn't waking up. This went on for hours and hours and hours until finally another SMART nurse came in and rushed me to get a CT scan. I really should have expired, but GOD had other plans! I was transferred to another hospital and my life was saved by a wonderful group of doctors. My life was spared for my beautiful child and I thank Jesus everyday.

Thank you for your post; I really appreciate it!

God bless you and your recovery!


You are incredibly lucky that your aneurysm didn't rupture. God Bless you!

Hi Laura,

Your story is a powerful story of God's grace. It is an equally powerful testimony of why it is important for each of us to have someone who will advocate for us whenver we are having treatment.

Take care.



It was definiely shocking to all of us way back then. Your sharing with this group is opening up well. I cherish Carole for all she is sharing. I have tried so hard to generate interest in this and any potential relationhsip to what, decades + ago, was called hyperemesis. I do urge you to find out which artery had your aneurysm, and to talk to your neuros and your ob/gyn before considering a potential second. You and hubby have lots to discuss / share for future decisions; and based on what your doctors explain to you. Regarding hyperemesis, it was a more recently widowed hubby of one who had explained that to me. I did not know that word until about a year ago; I have been unable to generate interest.

Many more prayers for you and all others,


Carole, thank you for sharing so much with these young ones...both you and your sister were blessed; as were so many others. And, you are so right in so many to all, needing an advocate.