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Running a Marathon

When I had my SAH in September 2006, the doctor didn't know what to tell me. I wasn't supposed to survive it because it was so rare of a rupture. In my case, I had a double aneurysm (on each side of the artery). Both ruptured which essentially cut the artery in half. My recovery was swift, no major deficits but I continued to get tired very easily and my balance / motor skills were challenged. So, it was with great trepidation that I signed up to complete the 1/2 marathon in Columbus, Ohio. But complete it I did. It took me 3 hours, not an amazing time by competitive standards, but absolutely amazing given my history. I've now registered for another 1/2 marathon in April 2013. Ultimately, my goal is to run a marathon. I hope to reach this goal in October 2014, 8 years after my rupture. I'd love to hear from others who have set "seemingly" impossible goals after their rupture.

Hi Tiffany...this is will be an inspiration to many at BAF ~ Colleen

Hi Tiffany,
Ciao from Milan, Italy.
I had my rupture on february, 2009, I receive coils and one year later I get the PED, flow diverter stent.
I was very lucky, I fully recover my self, and I came back to normal life.
I have had several rm angio and follow up and everything seems ok, let cross the finger…
Last september I was able to have a 15 km race ( less than 1/2 maraton ) in 90 minutes…
Next target for me 1/2 maraton…
Take care of you,


That's great news. I say go for it! I look forward to hearing about your next PR as you continue your marathon journey.