Results day

Hi everyone I had my mri/mra scan last October got results today no new aneurysms and clips alĺ still in place 10years 1month after rupture and 9yrs and 10months after other clip on other side was put on. So everything is fine.

Hooray Jessica...!

I love ... love "Good News"...You Go...!

Cyber~continued good reports your way...Colleen

Yeah!!!! That is the BEST news!!!

Hi Jessica,

This is fantastic news!

Thanks be to God!


Good news Jess, so happy for you

Thanks all however they are writing to my drs as they say they need to find out what is causing my headaches nothing showing up on my scan. But neurosurgeon did say it isn’t unusual to experience headaches for years after.

Congrats Jessica...delighted for you.


Thanks everyone I am so relieved.

Congrats Jess! Always love hearing good news from another survivor!!