Residual filling of neck of previously clipped aneurysm?

Today my PCP obtained the report of my MRI + MRA scans from last week, which I am scheduled to review with the ordering neurologist next Tuesday. Because my headaches are incessant and unrelenting, I am questioning whether to "jump over" the neuro and call my previous neurosurgeon now to book an appointment to discuss further surgical management options.

Here are the two relevant excerpts from the report:

- 3 mm residual filling of neck of previously clipped aneurysm

- "stable" 3 mm saccular aneurysm, internal carotid artery

I do not have my pre-surgical reports, but I think the saccular annie that was "too-small-to-clip" was 1-2 mm in 2009 when my other annie was clipped. I will get a copy of the old scans next week at my neuro follow-up appointment.

Regarding the residual filling, as far as I know, the clipping of wide-necked aneurysm in '09 should have completely occluded the neck, so I am thinking that there is now new growth of 3 mm on the outside of the clip, which concerns me.

Has anyone had experience with their clipped aneurysm later showing residual filling (with blood) of the aneurysm neck? If so, what interventional options were presented to you to reduce the risk of rupture?


You know, I see no reason not to 'jump' the fence here. It would sound to me that you're not too sure of your current Neurosurgeon and if you're in question of him -- yes, go to your prior Neurosurgeon and get some answers ! It is a very uneasy feeling when you read thru your medical reports and you spot decrepancies or see completely new issues that you've been unaware of until you happen to read thru your own report. I can't comment on the findings but your old Neurosurgeon i'm sure will know whats up and whats right/wrong. Got to be our own advocates, that's for certain. Peace, Janet

Thank you for your reply, Janet. :)

Actually, I only have one neurosurgeon. He's the one who clipped my annie. The neuro I have an appointment with next week is a neurologist, not a surgeon. They work on the same team. I was just questioning the appropriateness of calling to book a consult with the surgeon to discuss the results of the new scans. I value my relationship with the neurology department, and want to keep a good relationship all around.

I did leave a message on my neurosurgeon's voice mail late today, requesting a consult appointment. I will follow up tomorrow.

Awe, Gotchya, ...I think speaking with the Neurosurgoun is appropriate--as if indeed a procedure is a possibility, he'd be the one to handle it. I don't think you'd be offending anyone.

I met with my original neurosurgeon today. He looked at the scans that were written up as showing this remnant, said it was an artifact, and that he was "very happy" with the way my scans looked.

I am feeling much better about this now. When I asked him why the radiologist would have written up the report the way he did, he did not respond until I asked if he thought it was a CYA move by the radiologist and he slowly smiled. I think sometimes those doctors are so afraid of being sued that they write up things that aren't really there, just so they can insulate themselves in case someone ever tries to come back at them.

Glad you are feeling better about the information ... it helps when we can have a bit of "peace of mind"...wishing you a relaxing day ~ Colleen