Possible 1mm "residual aneurysm filling" after clipping

Hi all

I’m 12 weeks post-clipping and had a CT scan with contrast the other day.

It noted a “Possible tiny 1 mm residual aneurysm filling at the base (no priors for comparison).” and also said “Possible tiny 1 mm residual filling at the base of the clipped aneurysm”

Has anyone else had this?? Is this something that is expected after surgery and will go away over time??

I also didn’t really understand what was being said … is a “residual filling at the base” like something inside the clipped aneurysm itself? Or it is a little bulge between the blood vessel and the clip?

This all seems weird because my CT that as done immediately post op said no residual aneurysm!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not sure with craniotomies, but with mine that was coiled, I’ve had a similar finding and was told that it could mean there was just a bit of blood that pocketed or was left over from my stent and my surgeon wasn’t worried much about it. I just have to have a MRI every three years instead of five. But do reach out to your surgeon!

I was coiled too, with a stent. 6 month later another stent because of residual at the base…was 2022 March, I get MRA’s every year. Just had another MRA with contrast and there is still a small amount of residual at the base, can’t remember the size… I need to make a follow up with a surgeon (my surgeon left the practice). I feel fine.
I hope you are ok!! I wonder if they can put a stent in?? You will need to speak with your surgeon either way. Good luck​:pray:t2::heartpulse:

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