Rehabs after Aneurysm

Hello, my beloved uncle suffered a severe brain aneurysm on 2/26/16. He is 67 and a retired professor. Such a wonderful gentile soul. He is so loved and we are so scared for him. Today is the 14 day of him being in the ICU. He has suffered a severe vasospasm, and he may have had a stroke. Two Dr.s have conflicting thoughts on whether that has happened or not. He has not regained consciousness and the case manager is already talking about having him moved to a rehab. My aunt is so overwhelmed and in despair she does not think he is ready to be moved. However, if he is moved she wants to be ready and has asked that I find the top rehabs in CA. My question is, would I be looking for acute, or subacute? Also, we live in Orange County CA, but we are willing to look at Los Angeles, or San Diego. Does anyone have any recommendations? Please forgive me if I sound naive or if my medical terminology is lacking. This is new to me and I am desperate to help. Any info would be greatly appreciated. The care he is receiving is questionable and we want to find the right place..

Joy, welcome to this group and so hope you get more responses...we have, have had, a number of members from CA...who may be able to help...

Also, try the online search for data... My personal opinion..and, I have no expertise, is that it seems like an early transfer since you suggest two doctors have not come to specifics on his status.

Have you accompanied your aunt when meeting with the docs?

Prayers for your uncle/aunt and all you family/friends...

I just had an aneurysm repair in CA and can't say enough positive things about Cottage hospital. I do believe they have a rehabilitation center. They are located in Santa Barbara.