Rehabilitation after a ruptured aneurysm

My wife collapsed from a ruptured aneurysm on Jan 22 of this year. She spent 4 weeks in ICU, had 3 vasospasms, and stroke on
the left side causing paralysis on her right side. She has been in intensive PT, OT and ST since March. She has come a long

way from not being able to read, write, speak, eat, walk or talk. Her

progress so far is nothing short of miraculous. Her 6 month angiogram looked great. Her right leg is back

to nearly 100%. Her right arm is doing better but her right hand and

fingers, while starting to move, are far from functional. She is very worried about whether she will ever regain the functionality. Her reading

and writing skills are improving but very slowly. As far as she has

come, she still has far to go.

Has anyone recovered from similar challenges? If so, what can we expect?

My husband (38 years old) had his aneurysm in January of last year (2009). His was a large aneurysm (11mm x 14mm) that ruptured. He was airlifted from Colorado Springs to Denver, spent 2 weeks in the ICU and another 3 months in rehab. His was a right sided rupture. In the ICU, he had minimal reaction at all on the left side. After rehab, he was walking, talking, eating, and showing great improvement. He continued with another several months of outpatient rehab at home. Now, a year and a half later, he is probably 80% recovered. He still suffers HORRIBLE short term memory loss, extreme fatigue, severe mood swings, and awful headaches… but I am optimistic I still see improvements all the time! It’s a long, HARD road- both for the survivor and the spouse… I believe in my husband though and have faith that one day he will get to 99.9% recovered and be able to life a full and happy life :slight_smile: