Recurrent shunting lesion

Hi there I had an AVM bleed in 2013 and was diagnosed with 2 small aneurysms last year. My headaches have returned so I had an MRI done. The results say “findings implying recurrent shunting lesion involving the left posterior fossa” It’s the weekend so I haven’t spoken with my neurologist yet. Does anyone know what this means? I had my AVM surgically removed. Is it back?

Whenever I’m confused about reading my results, I ask my Neurosurgeon’s team in my portal. Then I search the internet and try to break down what the radiologist is saying. I first look at the location, it’s all about location just like real estate to me.

The left posterior fossa is a set of structures including the cerebellum, pons and medulla.

This is a good easy article on which direction the images are coming from: Neuroscience for Kids - Directions/Planes

My guess is that he or she is seeing something dealing with the location of your AVM as one of the common places as I understand it is the posterior fossa. Is this where your AVM is located? I also think, but do not know, that radiologist use the words “implying or suggestive” to mean they see something but not sure what it is and then they ask for a different type of imaging usually with dye to confirm what they believe they are seeing.

Another thing you might do is to reach out to the folks at AVM Survivors Network - Support community for Arteriovenous Malformation survivors. Our ModSupport folks also support the AVM group and all the others of course, @DickD is a moderator there as well as doing his big job with Ben’s Friends.

Thank you so much!

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@tgarcia19 how did you get on? I saw your post in that other place but it was already Wednesday when I saw it. If I’m honest, a “shunting lesion” sounds like an AVM to me.


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Thank you for responding. I’m going for an MRA on Friday. It’s in the same place as the other AVM I had. It was surgically removed. I’m hoping maybe it’s just scarring that’s showing up.

Agreed. I hope it’s anything that basically doesn’t need any fiddling around in there. Do let us know how you get on, either here or in the other place!

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I’m guessing “the other place” is AVM Survivors? It’s okay to write it, no one will mind and it will be less cryptic, you can even shorten it to AVM if you want :crazy_face: :joy:

@tgarcia19 thanks so much for the update! Hopefully your imaging gives your doctor what they need, fingers crossed it’s just like you say and nothing to get worried about.

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It is! :grin: :roll_eyes:

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I will. Thank you :blush: